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What Is Quds Day’s Leading Point This Year?

15 Apr 2023 23:14

Islam Times - The Palestinians are marking another Quds Day in celebration of their ideal of liberation of their lands from the Israeli occupation while 44 years after historic naming of the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan by architect of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini as the Quds Day the event every year gains more significance in demonstrating unity of the Muslim world in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian nation.

Palestine’s developments are now in a historic turning point, unprecedented in the past 70 years, and this is making embracement of resistance discourse in confrontation of the Israeli occupation display bright outcomes more than any other time. 

The Israeli regime is now at its weakest point in all aspects because of political instability, structural gaps, internal and external security crises, expansion of range of foreign and home threats, international and regional isolation, and a reverse migration outstripping attraction of Jews from abroad to the occupied territories. The Israeli officials have always admitted the dangerous and irreparable consequences of these crises on the existence of the regime. Former Defense Minister Benny Gantz, for example, warned last year that Tel Aviv was struggling in its worst ever crisis. 

Until recently, imagination of such an abysmal situation for a regime that on the one hand has all-out unconditional Western support and on the other hand has managed to break out of its decades-long isolation thanks to the betrayal of the Palestinian cause by some Arab countries through normalization with Tel Aviv was quite optimistic and exaggerated; namely the same belief the Axis of Resistance in its constant and tireless struggle against the occupation has been promoting as a divine promise and certain to happen. 

It is important that just contrary to the imagination of the Israeli and American strategists, the normalization agreements in an atmosphere of end of Arab-Israeli hostility and engagement in political, economic, security, and geopolitical cooperation not only failed to transform the Palestinian developments forever in favor of the interests of the Arab compromisers and Tel Aviv, but also it was the Resistance camp that by designing a counter-strategy prevented implementation of the complicated strategy of the normalization architects. This strategy of the enemy was so important and designed with broad goals that former US President Donald Trump hailed the normalization agreements as the most important historical achievement of the US in the region and the most valuable positive point of his foreign policy record. 

Meanwhile, the current course of developments and the shift of the atmosphere of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict just opposite to the expectations of the normalization agreement proved that the Resistance camp in its confrontation of the Israeli regime enjoys self-reliance and self-belief, and that the leading and influential actors in the dynamics of the Palestinian developments are not the normalizers, and the Israeli alliance with the Arab regimes does not protect Tel Aviv, neither does it prevent the Israeli collapse from within. The liberation of Palestine is an ideal that now and on the 44th anniversary of the Quds Day looks highly achievable not only for the backers of the anti-Israeli resistance, but also for a majority of the Muslims. 

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