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َA Look Into Israeli Regime's Losses in Gaza Battle

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َA Look Into Israeli Regime
Al-Aqsa Storm Operation made Palestine issue as the first issue of not only the Islamic world, but also one of the global issues. Al-Aqsa Operation reminded the media and politicians to notice the right of the Palestinian state and the occupations of the Zionist regime.

Al-Aqsa Operation dealt a huge blow to the security, economy and global prestige of the Zionist regime. The extent of this impact and its consequences will ve revealed more at the end of Al-Aqsa Storm and its developments. The imp[act of the Hmas's Oct. 7 Al-Aqsa Storm operation and the subsequent Zionist regime's aggression on the economy and internal security of the in the last 50 days is is huge, which will be discussed below:

Killing innocent Palestinians come at a price

The Zionists assumed that with the heaviest bombings since the Second World War in half of a strip with an area of 360 square kilometers, they could force its people to accept the enemy's demands and leave their homeland. Not only they failed to destroy the will of the people of the two northern provinces of the Gaza Strip, but they also did not achieve to strike the military forces of Hamas.

Netanyahu eventually was forced to accept a truce due to the pressure of global public opinion and the lack of achievement after 45 days of bombing, killing and ground war. The truce is temporary for now and has lasted for 6 days.

The economic impact of the Zionist regime is another important issue that has been brought up more openly and transparently in the Zionist media in recent weeks.

An Israeili newspaper wrote in a note "Israel is currently fighting on 7 different fronts: the first one is in the Gaza front, the second is in the West Bank, the third is in the northern front with Hezbollah, the fourth is with Yemen, the fifth is the prisoners swap with Hamas, the sixth is the Israeli economy which is collapsing and the seventh front is the United Nations and the public opinion of the world."

Economic collapse Zionist's most repeated keyword

The inflation rate in occupied Palestine, which has increased from 3.7% to 5% in this short period of time shows the impact of the Al-Aqsa Operation on the economy of the Zionist regime.

The Zionists criminal army which organized hundreds of expensive flights day and night to attack Gaza, and called more than 300,000 security forces has faced severe economic pressure.

Zionist finance ministry announced that the daily cost of the war is about 270 million dollars at the end of October. This figure means more than 8 billion dollars per month, while the declared annual budget of the Ministry of War is about 24 billion dollars. This has become a source of internal conflict and caused the Zionist regime to start revising the 2023 budget. 

One of the reasons for the high cost of war for the Zionists is the call-up of reserve forces . For the first time after the Six Day War in 1967, Tel Aviv has called up all the reserve forces which have caused a lot of direct and indirect costs to the economy by being in the field and leaving their main job.

The Zionist economic newspaper "Marker" has written about its analysis of the war which shows the economic growth rate of the Zionist regime will reach only 2 percent this year, while previous assessments showed 3.4 percent.

Concerns about future of war, its continuation

The Gaza prolonged war to over 50 days, which is the longest war in the history of the Zionists after the declaration of independence in 1948, has turned the economic costs into a serious challenge.

The Tel Aviv-based economic consulting firm "Leader Capital Market" reported last week that the cost of the Israeli government's military operations in the Gaza Strip will probably reach 48 billion dollars.

In addition, it should be noted that 14% of all employees in the Zionist regime work in fields related to technology. The technology sector is one of the main pillars of Israel's economy, and global technology companies are also a part of it: for example, Microsoft, Google and Apple have research and development centers in the occupied territories. The pressure is too high that last week Microsoft warned that the future of technology in Israel is at risk if the war continues. 

Military, security collapse

One of the other important expenses incurred by the Zionists regarding the Al-Aqsa Operation is the security and military collapse. The Center of Internal Security Studies of the Zionist regime wrote in a note "Finally, Hamas won another cognitive war against Israel, and this is an important message to the Palestinian nation and its supporters regarding its stability and adherence to the continuation of the battle. Hamas once again managed to mock and provoke Israel ".

The October 7 incident  put a question mark on the Zionists' claim and strategy in controlling the Resistance and Hamas. 

Also, a report by Sky News revealed that the Zionist army, unlike the previous battles in the current war in Gaza, has suffered an internal disintegration. In such a way that at least 2,000 soldiers refused to continue participating in the current war and fled, despite being called to the battlefield.

The reason of this internal and military collapse goes back to before the events of October 7. A week before the Hamas operation, Herzi Halevi, the Chief of Staff of the Zionist Army, emphasized that internal political divisions have spread to the regime's military establishment and the army is facing the danger of internal division.

 Israeli military death toll remains unknown

The Zionist regime claimed that before the start of truce, the death toll of its soldiers since the outbreak of the current conflict on Oct. 7. and about 60 people in the Gaza ground assault.

Most observers consider the number of casualties of the Zionist army in the battle of Gaza to be much higher. Major General Fayez Al-Dwairi, a retired soldier of the Jordanian army said in an interview with Qatar's Al Jazeera that according to field reports by the Resistance forces about 3185 Zionists were killed and wounded during the 22 days of ground attack on the Gaza Strip.

Also, Resistance sources consider the number of Zionist soldiers in the Gaza war to be a lot higher than the official figures from the regime and as burial of 50 Zionist soldiers in one day and in one single cemetery bears testimony to that.

The casualties and economic losses that have been reviewed in this report did not include the losses in armored and security equipment in Gaza and the northern borders of the occupied territories. According to the reports, the Zionists have also suffered many losses in terms of military equipment but the most important impact of the Gaza battle is on the future of the Zionist regime. The social, military and economic failures that the regime has faced all reveal that it will not remain same as before October 7, 2023.