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Publish Date : Wednesday 9 November 2011 - 09:16
14 February Advocates: The majority of Bahrain citizens are pro toppling the regime
14 February Advocates:  The majority of Bahrain citizens are pro toppling the regime
Bahrain (Islam Times) - After the progress and advancement of the ongoing events in Bahrain, and the determination of the Bahraini citizens to reject the security option to resolve the political crisis, and their determination on proceeding with the revolutionary effort and the fight and the struggle to regain the right to decide their own fate and the fate of their country, and the work on toppling the unjust “Khalifa” monarchy especially after it lost its legitimacy and reached a point where it can no longer be repaired.
Islam Times: The advocates of  the 14th of February revolution released an important statement identifying the political system, and  the struggle and “Jihad” approach for the Bahraini citizens and the opposition, led by the youth of the revolution of 14th of February who are the ones who blew up the revolution and abolished the legitimacy of the regime and the “Khalifa” monarchy along with it constitutional institutions, demanding  the right to decide their own destiny and calling out for the toppling of the tyrant “Hamad”, and establishing a new political system that is built on the basis of political pluralism and that guarantees the protection of the citizen’s dignity and  ensures their political freedom and works on fighting the injustice, corruption, and the looting of wealth; following is the context of the statement:
In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
(Have you seen those who claim that they believe in that which has been sent down to you, and that which was sent down before you, and they wish to go for judgment to the Tâghût while they have been ordered to reject them But Satan wishes to lead them far astray (60)And when it is said to them: "Come to what Allâh has sent down and to the Messenger you see the hypocrites turn away from you  with aversion (61)How then, when a catastrophe befalls them because of what their hands have sent forth, they come to you swearing by Allâh We meant no more than goodwill and conciliation(62) They are those of whom Allâh knows what is in their hearts; so turn aside from them but admonish them, and speak to them an effective word to reach their inner selves(63))Al Nisa
Believe God Almighty (Sadaka ALLah Al Azeem)

The majority of the people in Bahrain are pro the overthrow of the system and more than welcome the birth of a new government in the shadow of the opposition and the Bahraini citizens.

The statement that was released in Najaf Al Ashraf two days ago by the office of the religious Authority “Al Mohjahed Samahat Ayatollah Sheikh Mohamad Al Sanad” was met with great satisfaction and comfort by the masses of Bahraini people and by the factions of the political opposition in Bahrain and abroad, it was also welcomed with great acceptance by the youth of the revolution of February the 14th. For Ayatoallah Sheikh Mohamad Sanad called for “Bahraini Coalition for change” to reform a new government with the support of the Bahraini citizens, stressing on the importance of the communication between the various factions of opposition, and on their political and media rhetoric unity in order for them to be able to stand up for the “Khalifa Regime”, he also stressed on the importance of maintaining the harmony within the opposition groups in the  “Bahraini Coalition for change” and the “importance of the birth  of the new government that is based on the support of the opposition and Bahraini citizens”.

The root for the foundation of the “shadow government for the opposition and the Bahraini citizens” started to form after the meetings between the factions of opposition, and some political and religious figures who have been gathering  continuously for more than a month now and have announced the establishment of the “Bahraini coalition for change” which is the base for the announcement of  the formation of the transitional council for the opposition which in turn paves the path to the birth of the “shadow government” that is crystallized and is on the right path for a new beginning after the impossibility of the political reform from within the Khalifa Regime, especially after the regime showed its ugly bloody face; the new “Bany Oumaya” showed all their deeply buried hatred against our people and made it clear that they  are working on exterminating us by the war crimes they are  committing and by the inhuman massacres, after they shed blood and killed so many innocent and respectable souls ,abused women, and assaulted the citizen’s properties and destroyed mosques and some very important  Shiite religious sites(Husayniyya) ,demolished the tombs of very important religious people, and last but not least and burned the holy Quran.

Yazeed of this era is from Al Khalifa “Hamad”, he is a replicate of Yazeed Ben Mouawiya Ben Abi Soufiyan, he holds atheism and infidelity and does not believe in judgment day, his days were full of immorality, debauchery, corruption, and disregard to many value, and Hamad  Ben Issa Al Khalifa is a  is a debaucher, he drinks the forbidden, kills the innocent souls, and paves the way for sin and corruption ,moreover  he gave his mercenary troops and the Saudi  troops and militias  an order to wonder freely in the land of corruption and to attack villages and cities ,terrorize the civilians, abuse them and assault their properties; the Bahraini citizens wont in anyway pledge  allegiance to him, just like Imam  Al Hussein (PBUH) refused to pledge allegiance to Yazeed Ben Mouawiya Ben Abi Soufian  saying to Marwan Ben Al Hakam , the governor of the city,((Peace be upon Islam if our nation was obliged  to have a ruler like Yazeed…and Yazeed is  an immoral man who drinks the forbidden and kills the innocent souls, someone like me doesn’t pledge allegiance to some like him)).

Since the blow up of the massive revolution  in Bahrain, and  after the youth of  the 14th of February revolution  headed  to Al Lou’ Lou’a roundabout(Martyrs Square)  taking with them hundred thousands of Bahraini citizens who insisted on bringing down the regime along with the tyrant Hamad and on dismissing Al Khaifa family. The people of Al Bahrain and the youth of the revolution stated their demands and stood up unified    to face the oppression, the terror and the torture ;they have sacrificed so many martyrs, thousands of injured  people, hundreds of disabled and thousands of detainees and prisoners of conscience. Their religious and national authorities, the defenders of their rights whether human rights activists or some part of the medical staff, teachers, woman, “Hara‘r Al Zaynabiyat” and major sectors of the community, were put in jail and had to endure much pain. And through all of this  their motto was “we will never be humiliated” and “we will only kneel to god”. They refused to   back up the  legitimacy of Al Khalifa  ruling and they swore never to commit such a sin like accepting the monarchy of Al Khalifa family, moreover they won’t sign a sin charter again; the people are pro bringing down the regime and against reforming or fixing the system ,for “chattered glass can never be repaired”.

Our people refused to stand still and mourn; they defied injustice, and took for granted the souls lost in the name of ALLAH, dignity, and pride; death is better than riding with shame and disgrace, and the shamed and disgraced are the first to go to hell, no greater shame then pledging allegiance to Yazeed of this era and the new Bani Oumaya in Bahrain.

The majority of the social factions are pro the over throw of the regime and not its reform, and the daily protests in all villages and cities that have been ongoing since the first day of the 14th of February revolution are a definite witness and are a substantial evidence that assure that we still stand up to what we have been calling out for and what we believe in. We didn’t not once hear the people in the Lou’loua roundabout nor in the protests demand in their slogans and mottos the “reformation of the system”, on contrary all the slogans that were spread through the international media are the same slogans that have been used in Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen: “the people are calling for the over throw of the regime”.

Our Bahraini citizens no longer trust the Khalifa authorities and its treacherous tyrant Hamad Ben Issa Al Khalifa who is known for deceit, sham, and dishonesty. We were all positive that with the presence of the Saudi troops and with the Saudi throne dominance on the Bahraini political decisions there won’t be in anyway real political reformations. The transformation of the council of representative from a superficial council that has no actual authority to an elected one will have no use as long as the narcissist tyrant Hamad, who is so full of himself, is determined to deal with everything in extreme supremacy, especially that he is the one who holds the grips of political decisions in the shade of the absolute Khalifa monarchy. The khalifa council is still determined on the solution that calls for the security option, and for the absolute monopolizing of the authority, and that doesn’t provide the people with any compromises that are related to working on real and radical political reformations.

The youth of the revolution and the revolutionary masses are already on the go, and the train of the revolution is moving rapidly towards a radical and total change for the overthrow of the Al Khalifa authority and for the earning back of the people’s willpower. The Khalifa authority doesn’t rule Al Bahrain and has no grips of resolution there, moreover the country’s decisions are in the hand of the Saudi invader who has a political, security, and military cover up from the White house, Barack Obama, and the British governments and has commands  to invade Al Bahrain and try to make the people surrender by oppression, killing, torture, war crime committing, and genocide mascaras thus forcing them to accept the legitimacy of Al Khalifa regime and its political reformations that are a sham and that will make us go back to the same state we were in before the 14th of February.

With regard to the loyalty of the Bahraini opposition, the Bahraini citizens, and the youth of Al Bahrain revolution, we say that our loyalty is for God Al Mighty, the Holy Qur’an, the profit and his family (PBUH), and to the awaited Imam Al Mahdi(may God hasten his blessed emergence)-the absent yet present Imam-. In the era of his absence we follow important acknowledged religious references, but we don’t pledge allegiance to tyrants and dictators, our people don’t pledge allegiance to the tyrant Hamad, Yazeed of this era; the loyalty of the people of Al Bahrain is for their country only, because they are the true owners of the country unlike Al Khalifa family who pirated its way  from Najad in the Arabian Peninsula and invaded Bahrain and still occupies it up to this date, we can’t give our allegiance to the new Bani Oumaya who shed blood, violated sanctities,  assaulted woman, abused the people and committed war crimes against humanity.

The youth of the revolution and the masses of Bahraini citizens have overlooked the legitimacy of Al Khalifa authority and the projects of political reformation from within the regime; the bitter experience that the Bahraini people lived for more than two decades, and through  the forty years of the civil state ruling, and the fact that they are certain that the Khalifa family has its political basis and won’t be working on any radical political reforms nor they would be going for a real constitutional kingdom like the ancient constitutional kingdoms of the west.

The true and radical political reformation under the ruling of Al Khalifa and in the presence of the invading Saudi troops is completely impossible, therefore the civilized substitute is the unification of the political opposition forces with the youth of the revolution and the encouragement of the role of  the “Bahraini coalition for change” and the work on forming a “transitional council” that would pave the path for the up rise of  the “shadow government for people and opposition” that will  definitely obtain great regional, national and local acceptance.

O masses of our heroic and sacrificing people
Youth of the 14th of February revolution

The supporters, youth and masses of the of the 14th of February revolution refuse any kind of outside intervention in the Bahraini political affairs; the ones who interfered in the Bahraini political affairs are the Saudi government through military intervention along with the peninsula  shield forces and  the Jordanian gendarme  in order to abort and crush the revolution. The Saudi forces, the shield peninsula forces, and the Jordanian gendarme have been carrying out war crimes, genocides, and mascaras; they have been assaulting holy sites, woman, and Violating sanctities. We did not see any obvious military or political intervention by the Islamic Republic, who gave sound advice to the Al Khalifa regime about the need for political reform, and the need to give people their rights and allow them to participate in the civil life; they highlighted the importance of stopping violence against the unarmed protesters.

Al Khalifa Family is the one and only political decision maker in Bahrain; The tyrant Hamad has the utmost power, for he is the one who appoints the prime minister, the legislative authority, and the consultative council, he dominates the county’s wealth, resources and capabilities; he marginalizes the people and the opposition and forbids them from the actual and effective participation in ruling.

The attempts of Al Khalifa authorities backed up by the Saudi’s for sectarian mobilization and incitement have drastically failed; the revolution in Bahrain is past the danger phase, the phase of being drawn to a the furnace of a civil and sectarian war.

The mission of the masses and youth of the 14th of February revolution is to carry on  the struggle and Jihad in order to earn the right of self- determination, and to topple the Khalifa monarchy and to allow the up rise of a new system that supports political pluralism. The supporters of the 14th of February revolution emphasize the demands of the majority of citizens and of the youth of the revolution that are about earning the right of self determination, overthrowing the  regime and the reforming of a new political system; hence we stress on the actual and effective interaction with the calls of the “coalition of the 14th of February revolution ” that insist on the effective participation  in the massive protest for the “ right of self determination “that will be held in “Nouwaydirat” village, and the shake down of the economy of al Khalifa and the siege and abortion of the Arabian jewelry exhibition.

The military and security option and the extension of war crimes and genocides is the only suitable solution that the Bahraini Pharaoh is left with.

Our people announced that they don’t acknowledge the mock trials  held for the opposition leaders, the medical staff, and the teachers;  they  won’t acknowledge the actions that are taken against them that don’t conform with the standards of fair trials,  and are not stated in international covenants, and won’t  be resolved but politically because they are  highly political trials and nothing but  a scheme of revenge to get back at those who participated in the protests and demanded freedom, democracy and human rights.

The Khalifa judiciary is political and its rulings are too; there are hundreds of students, teachers and doctors who thought that their trials were over, but when the khalifa authority, that once expected that its military and security strike will be able to abolish the revolution, realized that the revolution and the “Intifada” are still going, it released notice for the preparation of new trials for the same people it released earlier.

It is more than obvious that the military solution is way ahead of the political one, and is backed up morally, politically, and militarily by the Saudi government and blessed by the U.S.
Al Khalifa regime though that it would beat the resilient Bahraini people; but it failed drastically in forcing the security option, and in trying to abide by political demands by mock and false reformations of the system. Our people are highly convinced that it is impossible to have a political reform in the presence of tribal and clan mentality, and as long as the Saudi forces are still in the country dominating the political decision. Our people, the revolutionary youth and the factions of the opposition are positive that they are able to change the system and build a new one instead.

February 14 supporters of the revolution in Bahrain
Manama - Bahrain
October 12 / October 2011
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