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Publish Date : Thursday 10 September 2009 - 07:26
A full hijab creates a safe environment for women in the society
A German convert to Islam stated that the only way for women to be safe in the society is through having a full hijab.
Wajihah Afshar spoke with the Fars News Agency in Qom. She stated that the hijab has been emphasized in the Quran and that allowing any extra part of the body to be shown is religiously forbidden. She also stated that whatever is used to cover the necessary body parts up would be permissible.

She went on to say that the incomplete hijabs or the absence of hijabs which some Iranian women wear (or don’t wear) creates unsuitable conditions in the Islamic society. This problem will create more problems for women.

Afshar stated, while discussing the issue of forcing women to wear hijab, that many plans are necessary to spread the concept of hijab and Islamic clothing. One must know what they are doing when they wear the hijab, otherwise one will only wear it temporarily.
Source : Islam Times
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