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The West vs. the Islamic awakening… the methods and objectives

27 Nov 2011 - 6:04

Islam Times - Anyone having an Islamic objective perspective and being concerned with the matters of the Muslims would be easily able to discover the need for making a great shift in the life of the nation, which could restore its immunity and sovereignty, after being emptied by the arrogance of all its cultural content that carries a message. The arrogance also amputated the nation’s past, heritage and civilization, and turned it from a state of cultural belonging to a state of not-belonging. In fact, this is a great change is the Islamic awakening.

However, the impact of this awakening on the interests of the West, which would cut the thorn of arrogance in the Arab and Islamic world, were not vague in the eyes of the enemy that is lurking the Muslims since decades and plotting schemes against them, one after the other. On the contrary, the West was well aware that it cannot control the treasures of the Islamic nation and its natural resources, before being able to control the minds of its sons. It was also aware that the way to the riches of the Muslims cannot be opened before cutting their way to their civilization and their message, and that the nation- any nation- is still linked to its past, its culture, have a sense of its historical character, and is sticking to its civilization. This nation resists the invasion, occupation and political and intellectual foreign influence whatsoever.

Yes, the planners of the arrogance knew all these facts, one truth after the other, and were convinced that the biggest threat that stands in the way of their interests is the Islamic awakening sought by the scholars of Islam today. Therefore, they headed seriously and carefully towards fixing this problem and confiscating this immunity and resistance.

Here we can sum up the interim goals of the Western vision of awakening, as follows:

1-    Maintaining a distorted image of Islam in the Western mentality, and preventing the winds of awakening and religion from affecting the Western population. This distortion also included the veil of the Muslim women and the values it symbolizes. They turned this veil, as everyone knows, into a harmful or banned issue that requires condemnation, exaggerating its dangers to national identity. They issued against it the laws of prevention, and the judicial authorities easily took action against it as a symbol of extremism and backwardness. The doors of education and employment were closed in the face of those women who have chosen willfully and freely to wear the veil.

2-    Making Islam itself responsible for the practices and methods of the Islamic movements, distorting its reality and giving it a negative image. For example, some of the movements of the Islamic awakening use the right to self-defense as described by the Western mentality considering that Islam holds in its essence violence and terrorism.

3-    Filling the so-called areas of intellectual vacuum in the Islamic communities through the promotion of the principles of modern Western democracy as an alternative to the Islamic solution, after the failure of most of the arrogate laws- that pretend being Islamic- in holding the Muslims.

4-    Pushing the regimes of the Islamic countries to adopt the liberal democracy in their governance, avoid social repression to some extent, give some of the freedoms, and to raise the Islamic slogans, as an attempt to absorb the popular resentment, and to prevent the dominance of the awakening of the movements on the street.

5-    Proving the failure of the Islamic model in Iran, and its invalidity politically, culturally and socially to solve the problems of modern man, through accusations and allegations.

6-    Dividing Islam into contradictory binaries by the Western studies that have not based or roots within the Islamic faith, but are in line with the West’s understanding of things. They made the term Islamic in opposition to the term (Muslim), the term fanatical or extremist in opposition to the term (religious), and the term radical in opposition to the term moderate.

These allegations against Islam and the civilized project it calls for include false charges and images spread in the Western world around the clock and broadcasted in every means of publication and reporting such as accusing Islam of being aggressive, inciting bloodshed, and pushing the Muslims to hate the non-Muslims. They also accused Islam of authoritarianism, dictatorship and antagonism of development and of the Western values, enslaving the women, and confiscating their freedom.

7-    One of the most important aspects of the Western consciousness and its secretions is the labels and terminologies used by it to describe the Islamic awakening. These labels are understood in advance and have ready judgments. They have nothing to do with objectivity and the relevance scientific research. These labels intend to make the fact of the Islamic awakening obscure and to limit it. The most prominent terminology issued by the West to describe the Islamic awakening is the term Islamic fundamentalism.

The background of issuing the term fundamentalist to describe the Islamic awakening by the West is represented in the trial to put the image in the minds of the western citizens, who are well aware of what the Christian fundamentalism mean at the one hand, and at the second hand making the Western mentality that hates the Christian fundamentalism realize the seriousness of the Islamic awakening, as an another face of the Catholic fundamentalism in Europe, and Protestantism in the United States. Hence, it is time to understand and to be well aware that the Western mentality with all its parts is working hard to remove the causes of the Islamic awakening and to destroy its future through the terrible frequent media and cultural attacks, and the aggressive political practices. Therefore, all the Muslims have to draw a defensive strategy to counter the dangers of the awakening and its challenges, and today’s generation, the generation of revolution, should be aware of the terrible schemes that are plotted by the West with all its senses.