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Publish Date : Wednesday 15 February 2012 - 16:28
Reporter : Jamshed Abbas
Islam Times Exclusive:
U.S. impotence on display as it is unable to manipulate Syria
U.S. impotence on display as it is unable to manipulate Syria
Islam Times - U.S. diplomats and policy planners must be feeling the impotence that comes with being a waning super power in wake of both Russia and China's veto of a proposed Security Council resolution that imposes a deadline on Aassad and thus sets the legal grounds for future military action. Russia and China's veto this past week was a smack in the face for the U.S. and its NATO allies ...
Islam Times: Russia and China's veto this past week was a smack in the face for the U.S. and its NATO allies The situation in Syria is very different from that which the U.S. and the Western nations and media portray. The so called "Free Syrian Army" is basically a fax machine set up in Turkey and a few defectors in certain sections of Homs. The reality is that a vast majority of Syrians support President Bashar Al-Assad and the military is firmly under his command and very motivated. The injection of arms by nations such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia as well as fighters has done very little to destabilize the country
to the extent that the West hoped for.

Though Assad has made mistakes, he is hardly the kind of crazy dictator that Gadhafi was. Assad has been very open about implementing reforms and has worked hard to privatize and improve Syria's economic situation in the face of Western sanctions. It is ironic that countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar along with other monarchies are countries where torture and suppression of dissidence is routine are leading the charge for "democracy" in Syria as the West makes sympathetic noises. Assad's only real crime is
his steadfast resistance to the Zionist regime and Western hegemony. Of course, Syria is no paradise, and the autocratic nature of the Syrian regime must surely change. Assad is different from Gadhafi and the rulers of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East nations in that he was willing to implement reform before this so called uprising and has been willing to implement reform after it happened, even though he is still firmly entrenched in power. In other words, Assad’s offers of reforms do not come from a position of weakness, but a position of strength. This is enough to prove his sincerity and veracity. When the Russian foreign minister arrived in Damascus this past week, he was greeted by a massive crowd of enthusiastic supporters that ran alongside his motorcade. The irony was delicious as Western media outlets that have been manipulating images
coming out of the country for weeks were forced to show this suddenly inexplicable
and very organic support for Assad.

That being said, it is a very sad day for the U.S.; this former super power that used to instill fear in all has basically been slapped into place by Russian and China. Bashar Al Assad is not Gadhafi and Syria is not Libya.

The political equation in the country will not change, however much Zionists, capitalists and other factions of the West may dream. It is said that diplomatic strength rests on military deterrence. If that is the case,
the U.S. is a toothless, ageing tiger that no one fears.
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