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Publish Date : Thursday 16 February 2012 - 08:08
_author : Mohamed Omar
Islam Times Exclusive:
The Islamic Association in Sweden is a tool of Western imperialism
Islam Times - On the 7th of February The Islamic Association in Sweden released a press statement [1], which encouraged Muslims to side with the armed, Western backed insurrection in Syria. All mosques run by The Islamic Association, it further stated, should to use the Friday sermons for this purpose...
Armed insurgents who have fallen are called “martyrs” while government soldiers and civilians killed by the insurgents are not even mentioned.

The statement falsely portrays the ongoing unrest as a clash between “The People” and “The Regime”, while the truth is that a majority of Syrians are in favor of the present government, a fact that has even been confirmed by a poll commissioned by The Doha Debates, funded by the Qatar Foundation! [2]

The Islamic Association in Sweden, headed by Omar Mustafa, is funded by the Swedish government and used as a tool to promote the designs of Western Imperialism in the Islamic world. The speeches of Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sarkozy and Netanyahu are translated in to “Islamic language” and delivered as sermons on Fridays.

Sweden does not have an independent foreign policy. The Palestine activist Per Gahrton, who used to be the leader of the Green Party, expressed the matter like this: “Stockholm takes order from Brussels, which takes orders from Washington. That is how Swedish foreign policy looks like”. [3]

The Islamic Association, funded by the Swedish government, thus promotes its policies, which in turn are the policies of Brussels, which are the policies of Washington. It’s as simple as that. This phenomenon is not unique to Sweden. All over the Western world Islamic religious organizations are used as tools for the foreign policy of these governments. Through their religious leadership they manipulate Muslims by stating which political positions are “Islamic” and which are not.

The same organization, The Islamic Association, did not utter a single word in support of the protest movement in Bahrain, which, unlike in Syria, was genuine anti-Imperialist movement. The US has a military base in Bahrain and the two countries are close allies. American tanks were used to crack down on peaceful protestors in Bahrain.

In Yemen not long ago the Houthis were bombed by Saudi Arabian planes, the US’s closest ally in the region after the Zionist regime. The Islamic Association was silent. This shows it only cares about human rights when it serves the interests of Imperialism. It’s a clear case of misuse of religion.

[1] Press release, ”Islamiska Förbundet uppmanar till aktion för att hjälpa det syriska folket”, (The Islamic Association calls for action in support of the Syrian People”), 7/2 2012.
[2] Jonathan Steele, “Most Syrians back President Assad”, The Guardian, 17/1 2012
[3] Per Gahrton, ”Palestinas frihetskamp”, p. 32, 2008

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