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Publish Date : Saturday 18 February 2012 - 07:18
Israel frames Iran for its false flag embassy bombing saga
Israel frames Iran for its false flag embassy bombing saga
Islam Times - Israel ratcheting up tension against Iran has found new dimensions as it has recently tried to incriminate Iran in failed bomb attacks against its diplomats in Thailand, India and Georgia.
News of these attacks against Israeli embassies in Tbilisi and New Delhi on Monday February 13 was followed by not necessarily similar news coming from Thailand’s capital of Bangkok a day later where officials say they have arrested men with ‘Iranian passports’ whose rented house, wherein they reportedly kept ‘explosives’, was blown up apparently by accident. And also that one of the men had tried to throw a grenade at the police, according to Thai sources, when it went off and cut his leg.

In appearance, one may consider the different elements forming such events, especially the ones in Georgia and India, as contributing to hostility against Israel. And the question of who can benefit from such acts given the recent political atmosphere, might frame Iran behind these bombings.

But it is only when you put facts into a broader perspective that other factors at play may be revealed. Factors exclusive to groups that have embarked on similar acts in the past. Acts that leave bare the mindset of their perpetrators. And a mindset that wishes to incite hatred against Tehran, picture the Iranian intelligence job as clumsy, legitimize the international sanctions against Tehran and eventually convince the public opinion for a possible military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Police in Georgia say they had thwarted a bomb attack on an Israeli diplomatic vehicle on Monday and in India the government says it “does not have any evidence pointing to any individual, entity, organization or country being involved in Monday's blast,” unlike Israel that was exotically quick to ‘discover’ that Iran was behind the bombing!

Maybe some would argue that Iran might be conducting an ‘Eye for an Eye’ operation for it has said Israel and the West are behind the serial killings of its nuclear scientists.

First of all, it has been time and again, not only argued but proven by evidence, that Iran has itself been the victim of terrorism. It has lost its citizens to it, from President to ordinary people! But it has continued thriving in many fields despite these hostilities. Tehran has proved and itself knows best that terrorism will not stop anyone from doing what they wish to.

In addition, a country making some of the most sophisticated missiles in the Middle East, with advances in various fields and with a world class intelligence work that has proven beyond capable in the many tests they have had in the past 3 decades, the most notable example of which was during the 8 year imposed Iraqi war, can do immeasurably better in the absolutely unlikely event of a retaliatory operation of this kind! After all, if Iran had intended to take revenge for the killing of its scientists in Tehran, it would undoubtedly target somebody as important in Tel-Aviv, not an Israeli ambassador’s wife in New Delhi!

But what about the Thai incident? Who are these suspects obviously not involved in a sophisticated terrorist attack? Individuals with bombs so poorly made, constructed and kept who depart from the scene chaotically with a clear lack of operational security in entering and moving about since they entered Thailand. People who carry their Iranian passports, weather fake or real, to a terrorist operation! It all indicates a purely amateurish operation with little advance planning for contingencies.

It is not hard to find politically unhappy groups in any given country and make them do things in exchange of some cash or other incentives. What Israel is doing in the west bank of blackmailing desperate people to change them into Palestine ‘traitors’ makes it all the more likely that Tel-Aviv could be the number one funder of such operations. And who else, many say, better than elements affiliated with the outlawed MKO (Mojahedin Khalq Organization) to conduct these acts, a group that has fought against Iran alongside Iraq’s ex-dictator Saddam Hussein? They have proven they will do whatever it takes to tarnish Iran’s international image time and again besides being involved in a number of bombings against the Iranian nation that have killed many.

The recent events are only the continuation of the Western/Israeli game whose previous stage was played in October 2011 when Iran was alleged to have been involved in an assassination attempt on Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Washington and likewise with false flag written all over them!

And let’s be reminded that it is Israel’s staunch ally, the US, not Iran, that has military bases all around Iran, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Qatar and Bahrain. It is the US aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf waters not an Iranian Navy ship near New York in the Atlantic Ocean! It is a mystery how would a country (Iran) be thought of as an international threat under such circumstances.

Having said that, the fact of the matter is that despite Israel’s unsubstantiated allegations against Iran, it is the Tel-Aviv regime that has a stockpile of nuclear weapons and has tried to sell some to other countries. It is them who benefit from murdering Iran’s scientists and can forge passports for its Iranian IDF members. It was Israel who assassinated 9 free Gaza activists on the high seas. It was them who dropped white Phosphorous on civilians in Gaza. Israel was the one that dropped thousands of cluster bombs in the last hours of war on Lebanon. One better remember its past and even present before throwing around accusations.

Such acts will only create hatred not sympathy for Israel and Tel-Aviv had better do something about it. People who raided the Israeli embassy in Cairo in September last year were freedom seeking revolutionary Egyptians who saw Israel behind a lot of their miseries during the Mubrak era. It is likely other Israeli embassies be targeted in the world thanks to the Tel-Aviv policies in different countries.

Public opinion would simply consider it as unwise to frame only Iranians for such attacks when Israel has amply chosen not to be favored anywhere.
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