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Publish Date : Wednesday 22 February 2012 - 07:39
_author : Mohamed Omar
Islam Times Exclusive:
What about Israeli nukes?
What about Israeli nukes?
Islam Times - Swedish writer and journalist Gunnar Fredriksson, former chief editor of Sweden’s largest tabloid Aftonbladet, stands out in a very Iranophobic climate by asking why Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program is being questioned while the Israeli nukes are not. [1]
The real nukes of the Zionist regime are left alone while the imaginary nukes to come of Iran are being given so much negative attention. “I dislike nuclear weapons”, writes Gunnar Fredriksson. He then continues to say that such weapons cannot be used for any rational purpose since the result would be mass death of innocent lives. This is exactly what the Iranian leadership has repeated over and over again: we do not want nuclear weapons because it violates our moral principles, since we regard human life as sacred and war is only justified in self defense. The blind fanaticism of the Zionists makes them unsusceptible to rational arguments though.

Iran has clearly stated, over and over again, that it is not seeking to construct nuclear weapons, but only to produce nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Gunnar Fredriksson wonders why the people who constantly speak of the threat of Iranian nukes fail to mention the Israeli nukes.

Unlike the Zionist regime Iran has never threatened any other country. Israel does not only threaten other countries but even attacks them. In July 2006 Israel invaded Lebanon in a failed attempt to crush the resistance. This shows the aggressive nature of the Zionist regime.

If I lived in Iran, writes Fredriksson, I would, regardless of my political opinions, find it rather odd to demand that Iran stop its nuclear program while my country is constantly being threatened with devastation by the hostile Zionist regime. He finishes by asking “Woulden’t the critique of Iran become a bit more credible if the Israeli nukes were mentioned at least once and a while?”

Fredriksson represents a calm voice of sanity and moderation in Swedish media climate dominated by shouting Zionist megaphones. He is not alone though. In the West there are many intellectuals who have the this same kind of rational approach, who prefer dialogue to warmongering, and who feel uncomfortable with the Zionist fanatics who are trying to hijack the debate, not for the interests of their respective countries, but for the global Zionist agenda.

[1] “Irans kärnvapen”, “Iran’s nuclear weapons”, 10/1 2012

Mohamed Omar is a Swedish poet and freelance writer

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