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Publish Date : Monday 6 July 2009 - 15:27
Islam Times Exclusive:
Five Centuries Later
Five centuries after the western man deviated from the divine course to such a place where he thought that he is the center of the universe, the victory of the Islamic revolution was presented as a sign of the beginning of the fall of values that brought man to the brink of material and ethical anarchy; it led most of humanity to slavery and poverty. Albeit, this system of values was painted with the colors of technological progression and democracy.
By: Raul Gonzalez Bornez, a Spanish seminary student of the Islamic Seminary

If the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran caused capitalism to face extinction on one side, one the other the verdict of Imam Khomeini in regards to the condemnation of Salman Rushdie was similar to a large hand painting the ground. With one move a border was determined which cannot be passed by anyone anywhere in the world. Where is the border between freedom of speech and respect of the spiritual values amongst Muslims?

Imam Khomeini proved to the super-powers with this verdict that another power has entered the pages of history. This power limited the infinite power that the super-powers imagined they possessed. During that time I sent an article defending Imam Khomeini’s verdict to the newspaper El Pais.

The article stated that it is clear to any normal person that one should not be able to misuse the freedom of speech. One should not use freedom of speech as an excuse to slander Jesus or Mary.

Unethical terms should not be used in regards to these huge spiritual personalities; such as the author of Satanic Verses used in regards to the Prophet of Islam.

The same principle stands for the Prophet of Islam and his purified family because they are the principle ethical and religious sources for one of the biggest religious sects in the world. Slandering these important figures would be considered an attack against them, their ethical values, and their pure role-models. As a result this would be considered a crime.

The next day I received a phone call from one who introduced himself as a representative of a Catholic congregation. He read the article, which was published in the section ‘letters from readers.’ He wanted to express his happiness over this article and said: “Finally, a power presented itself in this world which established a border; a line in the sand; to those who imagined that they could use the infinite power of freedom of speech to ridicule the beliefs and customs of religious people.” I was a little surprised at his response. Later, he confessed: “Slowly I realized that the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran was a divine blessing for all of humanity; not an inhumane movement that the media outlets are trying to present.”

Years have passed since then and now we have just passed the twentieth anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s death. During those times only a few people showed themselves as supporters, but now there are many supporters who have transformed this day into a day of spiritual inheritance.

With the aid of this victorious revolution led by Imam Khomeini, not only Palestine and Lebanon were able to successfully resist the Zionist regime, rather every moment large numbers of people from international regions, especially dear Latin America, are using Imam Khomeini as a role-model in their struggles against the imperialistic forces of the United States. Also, a mutual feeling of pain as presented itself amongst the oppressed nations. This Islamic revolution spread this feeling amongst the deprived nations.

If the Zionist regime did not try to put an end to this movement, which was completely opposed to their foundations, and if the Islamic Republic did not create such a movement, the nations of Latin America would not have found this opportunity to enliven freedom in the continent that they have found now.
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