Iran reports on Islamophobia in West

Press TV , 8 Aug 2011 - 9:25

Islam Times - On the International Day of the Declaration of Islamic Human Rights and Human Dignity (August 3), the Iranian Foreign Ministry's center for monitoring the human rights situation published a report on Islamophobia and the situation of Muslim minorities in the West.

The report examines minority rights and affronts to Islamic sanctities in countries that claim to respect human rights. In light of the extensive violation of minorities' human rights and the rise in Islamophobia in the West -- especially among some politicians -- what the report focuses on is just the tip of the iceberg.

The report is comprised of an introduction and eight sections.

Following are the key points of the report:

· Opposition to the construction of mosques and religious sites and also attacks on and acts of sacrilege against mosques and other Muslim religious sites. In this regard, the report has made mention of laws against the construction of mosques in Western countries, namely the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Austria, and Australia, and has referred to attacks and acts of sacrilege committed by some radical and racist Western groups against mosques and other Muslim religious sites as cases in point.

· The effect of Western countries' immigration policies and anti-terrorist strategies on the situation of Muslim minorities. With regard to the matter, the report has criticized the policies of the ultra-rightists in Europe and the US -- which is based on the accusation of a connection between terrorism and Islam -- pointing to the effect of the implementation of anti-terrorism laws and policies in the West.

· Anti-hijab policies and laws: The ratification of laws banning hijab in Belgium and France and the enforcement of some strict regulations with regard to the outfits of Muslim women in the West and some examples of the violation of Muslim women's rights in Western countries.

· Inciting Islamophobia and anti-Islamic activities in the media: In this regard, the report points to the negative trend against Muslims in the Western media, anti-Islamic cultural products in the West, and measures that incite hatred and Islamophobia.

· Hatemongering approaches and activities of politicians and political parties in the West: This section touches upon the troubling rise in Islamophobia in politics in the West and attitudes and activities of some extremist Western politicians and political parties against Muslim minorities and Islamic sanctities, which have had a dramatic impact on the spread of Islamophobia and the deterioration of Muslims' situation. This section also reviews some blatant activities and viewpoints of Western politicians and political parties in opposition to Islamic sanctities and Muslims.

· In the next sections, the report examines intolerance, violence against Muslim minorities, anti-terrorism policies, discrimination, and prejudice against Muslims in the West.

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