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Publish Date : Friday 16 October 2009 - 04:28
Teir Felsay Alleged "Rocket"… A Sliding Door!
It's, once again, the Israeli "creativity" in fabricating stories…
By: Hussein Assi

Unfortunately, it's also once again the Lebanese and Arab "creativity" in "adopting" the Israeli "imagination" and spreading it…

On Monday, breaking news constituted the headlines in Lebanon, the Arab world and the Zionist entity. A "vague" blast hit the southern town of Teir Felsay causing a large number of deaths and injuries, including a member of Hezbollah and his son.

This is how the Lebanese had to receive the information at first to perceive, just a few hours later, that all what happened was a small blast that wounded just one person.

Yet, the Israeli "originality" didn't end here. The Zionist entity, that decided once again to resort to the "fair" international community and file a "complaint" against Lebanon, decided to enlarge the issue by adding to it some "pepper and spice."

This is how an Israeli video found its space in the Israeli media but also in the Lebanese and Arab media. The video, produced by the Israeli enemy's army, showed some Lebanese men as "removing dozens of rockets" out of Nasser Issa's home after Monday's blast.

This is what Israel sought to claim. And to serve this goal, Israel Army spokeswoman Avital Leibowitz said the video was shot by an unmanned drone. He claimed the video showed militants removing the rockets in two trucks before allowing in UN investigators. Also removed was a particularly large piece of equipment that could be a large rocket or a type of launcher according to the Zionist "observer."

But, once again, the Israeli "imagination" uncovered and the fake "rocket" discovered by the Israeli army was found to be… a sliding door!

Indeed, Al-Manar aired a video tape which contradicted Israeli claims and showed a sliding door and some furniture being removed from the house of Nasser Issa in Teir Felsay!

Once again, this is the Israeli "tradition" of fabricating lies and then, believing them!

Meanwhile, and in response to the Israeli "complaint" within the United Nations against Lebanon, the head of the Democratic Gathering MP Walid Jumblatt said on Thursday that the Israeli enemy will make any excuse to breach Lebanese national security, knowing that it is the Zionist entity that actually violates Lebanon's sovereignty by air, land and sea on a daily basis.

Speaking to Lebanese daily As-Safir, Jumblatt noted that the presence of an Israeli drone plane in the Lebanese airspace was in itself a violation of the international resolution 1701. "What was an enemy plane doing over a southern village?" he wondered.

The Progressive Socialist Party leader called on the Lebanese security services to resume their effort to uncover Israeli espionage networks in order to avoid any surprises in the future, wondering about the reasons that ended such efforts suddenly.

In a related development, Lebanese Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh was reading to file a complaint with the Security Council to protest repeated Israeli violations to the Lebanese airspace.

The Lebanese FM told Lebanese daily As-Safir in this context that Lebanon complies with all UN Security Council resolutions, including Resolution 1701, stressing it is Israel that has continuously violated the resolution.

Salloukh declared that Lebanon will submit a detailed report to the UN about the investigation results concerning the Teir Felsay incident. Salloukh said that the report refutes Israel's recent accusations that the blast showed munitions were being stockpiled in violation of Resolution 1701.

He added that the report will also include a detailed description of Israel’s breaches of Lebanese airspace, saying that it will be handed to the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council as an official document.
Source : Al Manar
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