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Gaza is paying the price

13 Mar 2012 - 6:38

Islam Times - We should be aware, and free ourselves at the same time from the illusion of achieving a truce with the occupation; the military institution and the security departments impose on the resistance in Gaza conditions and the rules of the game as needed at the political and security levels by the State of the occupation.

Those plans include an Israeli escalation in the plan of draining the cadres and leaders of the resistance, liquidating, chasing, and draining the energy of the resistance after each period of relaxation, as well as the illusion of the truce, the media war, and testing the motive of the Zionist army on one hand, and exploring the front of resistance, the state of readiness, and its motive on the other hand.

It seems that the resistance did not learn the lesson, for it is repeating the situation, the image, and the way in which it is targeting the resistance, with its prototype indiscriminate response and the sporadic rockets.  Thus, the question that remains is that why after all these tests and trials, the resistance did not succeed in building a field military joint command that can give a strong punishment message and can forces Israel to pay the price of its crime.

Our domestic front is our soft flank; we did not learn the lesson. The enemy after the last war on Lebanon and the lead has cut wide steps in restoring the image and the mental and physical state of the entity. There is no doubt that we are aware of the huge disparity found in the resources and expertise; but talking about the development of the experiences of resistance and its potential and the reason that stood behind the renewal of the truce with the occupation have not been translated on the ground yet. However, it is clear that all the leaks and the latest threats launched by responsible bodies in the security and military establishment about the readiness of the army of occupation to fight a battle are translated by the occupation in separate attacks aiming at raising the morale of the soldiers of the occupation, and testing its readiness, experience, and plan to impose the rules of the game. The Chief of Staff is playing his game and reviewing his capabilities and experiences in a political message and is translating it on the ground to his political and military superiors.

Since Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, the occupation is portraying the resistance and Hamas as taking fast steps to carry out a military buildup operation; imposed by the challenges faced by the resistance, Hamas, and its ruling authority in Gaza. The responsibilities of Hamas are growing and it is burdened with the civil, internal and external security liability. Hamas’ essential duty these days is to protect the resistance in the first place and to protect its home front; for it is Hamas’ duty to respond to the operations practiced by the Israeli army in Gaza because this is not the duty of an organization that is under attack or targeted only. Fearing of the possibility of being occupied, fully or partially, should not prevent it from carrying out this duty.

Gaza is part of Netanyahu and Obama’s recent bargaining
Lets we respond in a way different from the typical and expected ex-responses to the occupation. The state of occupation believes that Gaza is the weak front and a theater to restore the image and the psychology of the soldier; the image of deterrence and equation. Thus, the resistance’s biggest challenge and first priorities should prevent this; for the next round of the army of occupation will not be random targets, but testing the plans of the enemy, the readiness of the soldiers, the effectiveness of its plans, and the internal mobilization for a real war, in which the occupation army would be forced to enter the tunnels under the ground by the engineering unit to perform the tasks selected by the army of occupation. The top selected unit of the Combat Engineering Corps and one of the elite units in the occupation army were trained in the past few days in the center of fight training in a populated area. They respond to the needs on the ground in the field of vandalism against the “enemy”, removing the explosives, threatening the tunnels by detecting and demolishing them, and others.

The engineering unit counting the selected tasks consists of five other units, including removing the explosives, the “Yael” infantry unit, the “Samour” infantry unit (unit of tunnels), the snow slope unit and the Seal unity; this unit carries out a lot of secret field activities, and is active recently on the Israeli - Egyptian borders. It deals with the rising proportion of the attempt to smuggle weapons and carries out attacks against Zionist military and civilian targets.

The Chief of Land Forces in the Department of the land arm, Lieutenant Colonel Garnett said “We have achieved an important accomplishment in the maneuvers that rely on vehicles; the enemy has in the battlefield a lot of anti-tank missiles. In response, we are developing the powers of a continuous survival in the populated areas”. Lieutenant Colonel Garnett pointed out that the field of the unmanned vehicles, which began to operate in the Gaza Strip, leads to developing a new channel entirely, to reducing the life risks, and to sparing a lot of the routine tasks by the soldiers. Lieutenant Colonel Garnett focused on another point namely, enhancing the fighting capability of the Brigade ground troops, such as the new weapons - “the rifles of the “Bork” snipers, the new grenade ejector and mainly accommodating the “Nutcracker”, the launcher rocket that is placed on the shoulder and used against the enemy at home and in immunizations, the ground forces combat, which mean fighting directly, a warrior in the face of a warrior, a weapon in the face of a weapon, a hand grenade in the face of a hand grenade, which determines who wins in the end, are all the best weapons”.

The time for examination and assessment is approaching to examine our complete preparations and to respond to the enemy in a way that carries with it the reality of deterrence that we have and the size of the loss incurred by the enemy if it used us as a trial field for its forces and interior preparations in the field of human and earth. Let us read the messages of the enemy: the Prime Minister of the occupation Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israel is prohibited from reaching a status, where it cannot defend itself against any threats.