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Publish Date : Monday 1 February 2010 - 07:48
Bin Laden
Many people have doubts about an organization called Al-Qaeda which appeared in the 1980s. Arrogant purposes exited in the creation of this organization – at least this is what can be deduced from the words of western countries, especially America and England, as well as other countries such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
By: Sayyid Rashid Naqawi

But, it cannot be denied that a number of simpleminded Muslims were deceived by Al-Qaeda and joined their ranks. The newest statistics taken from the American Military Academy show that this organization harmed the Muslims more than it harmed anyone else. Also, the small number of terrorist actions that it took against western countries ended up to be in the benefit of the western governments. According to these statistics 85 percent of the people who have been killed by Al-Qaeda between the years 2004-2008 have been Muslims living in the East. This percentage jumps to 98 percent between the years 2006-2008.

Al-Qaeda has many slogans. One of which is ‘Defense of Islam and Muslims.’ But, we see that over the last decade they have done exactly the opposite of this. Their actions have directly resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Muslims and the attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Yemen by America and its allies.

Al-Qaeda plays an important role in destroying the face of Islam. Western media outlets are severely attacking Islam because of the actions of the Taliban. In addition to giving Islam a bad name they have made it difficult for Muslims to live in western countries. Many Muslims do not want to let others know that they are Muslim.

America attacked Afghanistan, which has now leaked into Pakistan because of the events that happened on September 11th, 2001. These events have been attributed to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Some Middle Eastern scholars state that the goals of Al-Qaeda and America in the Middle East are the same; the only difference is strategy. Both groups do not want people to think about Islam – according to this view Al-Qaeda would be hypocrites who only present themselves as Muslim but in fact act in accordance to the goals set forth by America; goals such as freedom and liberalism. Some specialists state that Al-Qaeda was formed to fight against communism being America’s right hand – the war that took place in Afghanistan financially supported by America.

America widely supported the founder of Al-Qaeda, Usama Bin Laden and used this organization to their own benefit.

Is Al-Qaeda the same organized international army that it was in the 80s and 90s? This is a question that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. But, it cannot be denied that when Al-Qaeda was an organized international army it served the benefits of America. Today, when it incites the Taliban of Pakistan, Afghanistan, or anywhere else, they also act in the benefit of America.

Source : Islam Times
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