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Publish Date : Thursday 7 July 2011 - 11:30
Islam Times Exclusive:
Where do the interests of the Muslims stand in the foreign policies?!
By: Mahmoud Ali Matar
Where do the interests of the Muslims stand in the foreign policies?!
Islam Times - Every country chooses its foreign policy before everything else in order to determine its position on other countries in the world and how to treat each other...
It either become the friend and/or ally of other countries and it thus establish economic and other relationship with them, or it become the enemy of them and it thus cannot establish any relationship with them, or support them in any international and/or regional position, and might even get to overthrow them whatever it takes.

For instance: the U.S. foreign policy is based primarily on the need to protect Israel, and thus it must fight each and every thing that forms a serious threat to Israel - at present or in the future - even if this leads to oppress people and peoples such as the Palestinian people. The United States undertook the task of doing everything that satisfies Israel and left everything that displeases it. This is evident today in Palestine and Lebanon, where America is trying to justify Israel’s acts that are represented in committing injustice and murder and interfering in the internal affairs of those two countries, only because its dishonest interests and principles require protecting the usurper entity. Also, if we notice all the U.S. foreign policies and how it (America) classifies some countries as countries supporting terrorism that should be toppled, we find that the one benefitting most is ‘the State of Israel’. Thus, isn’t the attempt to overthrow the regime in Syria, for example, in favor of the Zionists, so that to protect their borders, and not to allow anyone to support the resistance in Lebanon, which forms a serious threat to the Jews in Palestine?

The same goes for what happened earlier i.e. the attempt to foment discord among the Iranian people, only because the Islamic Republic of Iran did not surrender to any authoritarian usurping its right and the rights of every Muslim person. Iran does not engage in any relationship with any country, if this relationship would lead to weaken the Muslims, and it tries to keep all its obligations and agreements in favor of the Muslims all over the world. This is stated clearly in the text of its Constitution, which says: (The foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is based on restraining from any kind of domination or submission, on maintaining the full independence and the integrity of the country’s territories, on defending the rights of all Muslims, on not being bias in favor of authoritarian forces, and on exchanging peace relationships with non-belligerent countries). In fact, this was illustrated by the Republic of Iran on the ground, too. It supported all the Islamic movements, the legitimate and oppressed ones - in the world, and did not accept to establish any relationship at the expense of the Muslims. Everyone knows that if powerful countries like Iran and Syria renounced their principles and engaged with arrogance they might beat all the Arab and Islamic countries that are trying day and night to please the West, but Iran is committed to Islam and its commitment along with its moral and humanitarian values refuse to be bias in favor of what is not compatible with the interests of Muslims.

However, some Arab and Islamic countries match well the words of Allah (Those who wait (and watch) you. Then if you gain a victory from Allah, they say, “Were we not with you?” But if the disbelievers have a success, they say (to them), “Did we not gain the advantage over you, but we protected you from the believers?” Allah will judge between (all of) you on the Day of Resurrection, and never Allah give the disbelievers over the believers a way (to overcome them)). We find them one day here and the other day there, they have no principles, and their personal interests come before the interests of the Muslims. Wherever and whenever they find a victory and/or a power - related to a Muslim and/or to an unjust- they try to support this side to protect themselves because of the severity of their weakness and the weakness of their souls and of their belief in Allah. God Almighty says in this regard: (And remember when you were few and oppressed in the land, fearing that people might abduct you, but He sheltered you, supported you with His victory, and provided you with good things - that you might be grateful). The best proof is what happened recently in Syria, everyone turned and conspired against it, but after its steadfastness and after getting out of the crisis strong, everyone returned behaving like dogs trying to justify their position. The same thing happened in the July 2006 war and in the Gaza war, where all the Arab and Islamic countries- except few of them - engaged in the conspiracy against the resistance. Yet, when the resistance won, they all tried to attribute victory to their own virtue and to pretend that they are part of it.

Hence, for how long is this fraud going to continue, and for how long are they going to fear the West? One day, if it is God’s will, each and every Islamic country that did not work in favor of the interests of the Muslims will assume the burden of its misguided position that is contrary to the ruling of Allah and will collapse under the feet of the honorable people. Conversely, God and His Messenger (PBUH) would grant the countries that worked in favor of the interests of the Muslims both victory and glory.
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