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Publish Date : Sunday 13 November 2011 - 10:36
Photos of November 13
Photos of November 13
A man holds a fake copy of "Time" magazine called "Fail" and showing Italy Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi outside Palazzo Chigi Italy Prime Ministry in Rome.
Yemenis have held fresh rallies in the capital Sanaa to voice anger at increasing attacks by regime forces on residential areas.
Anti-war US veterans march along with protesters for Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park in New York.
Polish ultra nationalists clash with riot police during an Independence March organized by right-wing extremists to mark Poland Independence Day.
Thousands of demonstrators hold up portraits of Coptic Christians killed in early October in Tahrir Square in down town Cairo.
A total of 553 people have been killed in Thailand recent flooding that has left swathes of the Southeast Asian country under water and made tens of thousands of people displaced.
A young Yemeni with the word "leave" written in Arabic on her forehead protests against the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh in the capital Sanaa.
Lebanese supporters of Hezbollah gathered in the southern suburbs of Beirut to mark the Martyr Day.
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