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Publish Date : Wednesday 15 April 2009 - 09:31
Great Mosques in the World
Great  Mosques  in  the  World
Masjid-ul-Nabi   Mosque  in Medina
Al  Azhar  Mosque  in  EGYPT
Babri  Mosque  in  India
Id  Kah  Mosque  in  Kashgar  china
Ketchaoua  Mosque  in  Algiers
Masjidijami  in   Isfahan  Iran
Niujie   Mosque  in Beijing  China
Pulkheshti   Mosque  in  Kabul  Afghanistan
Selimiye  Mosque  in  Edime  Turkey
Sultan  Omar  Ali  Saifuddin  Mosque  in  Sultanate  of  Brunei
TajMahal   Mosque  in  Agra  India
Raya   Baitur  Mosque   in  Indonesia
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1394-02-26 18:58:25
Taj mahal is a beautiful mosque (595781)