Defected officer states that the Assad regime cannot be toppled by demonstrations

7 Jan 2012 - 6:33

Syria (Islam Times) – In confirmation that the American project with the participation of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Jordan to dismantle the Assad regime is a military and security project of the first degree, Colonel Riad Al-Asaad, leader of the so called Free Syrian Army which defected from the Syrian army, announced that his forces are planning to start “large scale operations” this week against vital interests belong to the regime of Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad.

This came in an interview the Colonel conducted with CNN from his safe haven in Turkey. Asaad stated: “We cannot overthrow Bashar Al-Assad through peaceful demonstrations, so we will compel him to step down using arms!”

This announcement came as an implied confession that despite the support the Syrian opposition is receiving from regional countries and even the Israeli entity which include the 24 hour support of the mass media and prominent clergy men across the area, the opposition in incapable of toppling the regime through rallying enough demonstrators and protestors in the street. This also confirms the announcement that Syrian officials made regarding the armed terrorist groups performing heinous crimes against civilians and public and governmental institutions across Syria.

These groups called the “Free Syrian Army” have conducted several operations against governmental forces and government soldiers. They announced that they suspended their operations when the Arab League Observer Mission arrived to the country, however it was clear to some Arab observers that the armed operations and shootings at the Syrian army was still continuing.

Defected officer Al-Asaad assaulted the work of the Observer Mission three days before submitting their report and accused them of being biased towards the regime and described the Arab League as a charade. He called for any international support to help the Syrian people, be it financial or martial. He added that they will continue to fight until the regime is overthrown and that this week will witness several large scale operations all over the country against the interests of the regime’s army and its vital institutions.

It is to be mentioned that Turkey is currently providing a safe haven for the Syrian opposition which is working under the supervision and with the coordination of the Turkish Intelligence Agency.

Reliable western reports indicate that efforts are being made by American, British, and French intelligence to widen, expand, and strengthen terrorist groups in Syria, most of which belong to the Wahhabi extremist line of thought, and that through coordination with the Turkish intelligence to provide these groups with financial and martial support to conduct operations against governmental and martial institutions in Syria to topple the regime.

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