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Commenting on the crisis of the Muslim Brotherhood with Al-Askari

Al-Nour: We reject to call it a conflict

5 Apr 2012 - 7:51

Islam Times - Dr. Yousseri Hammad, the spokesman of Al-Nour party, in an exclusive interview with “Islam Times”, rejected to call the crisis of the Muslim Brotherhood with Al-Askari a conflict, pointing out that the Brotherhood is exercising its legitimate right as a majority and also Al-Askari is exercising his political right as the mayor, the head of the State.

. He also pointed out that the military Council was honest in its promises during the previous period and was sincere in achieving a legitimate life in a democratic way and did not favor one party over the other.

Hammad noted that there are some parties that are not in power and want to rule with iron and fire, and once they assume power their tongue and way of seeing things would change.

The official spokesman of Al-Nour party called all parties to reach an understanding for the sake of Egypt, and this would be resolved when all the parties meet at the table of a single dialog and understanding on the outstanding issues and reach a satisfactory settlement with each other. He stressed that his party is ready to participate in any effective work for unity and reunification, especially that there are recently many people lurking around to ruin the country, so that to miss the opportunity and not to work in favor of the country.