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Publish Date : Wednesday 6 April 2011 - 11:06
'US, Arab League to divide Libya'
Interview with Wafik Moustafa Chair of the Conservative Arab Network
Islam Times - Analysts say there are plans to divide Libya creating East Libya for the opposition, and West Libya for Gaddafi's supporters
Press TV interviewed Chair of the Conservative Arab Network Wafik Moustafa regarding the US-NATO led invasion of Libya and the anti-Gaddafi revolutionary movement.

Press TV: NATO airstrikes have caused civilian casualties. Tell us your reaction to a nightmare scenario that has occurred with our correspondent saying there is a stalemate, which some US analysts have said is occurring right now in terms of the situation. This could lead to a partition of the state of Libya.

Moustafa: I think the idea of a stalemate is premature because it's only two weeks since NATO, the United States and Arab League forces were working on the Libyan skies. I think given more time the tipping point will come. My own analysis is that NATO and the West generally is waiting for Gaddafi's forces to defect particularly people like the Foreign Minister Moussa Kusa, and the previous Interior Minister, and a fair number of figures who have defected Gaddafi. Today we hear that some figures have been executed. If that is true, it means the tipping point is arriving.

Therefore, in my view they have to be extremely cautious in the ways they arm the anti-Gaddafi groups in the East, which I think is probably focusing more on destroying the Libyan Gaddafi capability. I don't think he has a lot of support on the ground as he pretends so. Rumors say that the son is arresting his father. There are some divisions among the family. All this shows there is a huge problem inside. Time will tell in a short number of days.

Press TV: There are reports that US-CIA and British intelligence personal is on the ground. Obama approved this back in February 24. So the question is with US-CIA personal on the ground, it's just a matter of uniform isn't it? Not just boots but uniform, and in the meantime the revolutionaries being armed. What is your perspective?

Moustafa: There is certainly some personal on the ground, but not in a huge number if they want to use the word occupation. It's to guide the air forces in a way to hit the right targets, and I think that is the main problem. Obviously, there may be a supply of arms from Egypt, but I doubt it will be officially recognized by the West because we know UN resolution 1973 is very clear about land forces. The whole point was modern technology and modern weaponry, and the techniques of the sophisticated NATO air force.

I think they can do very similar work on the ground on Gaddafi's forces without causing collateral damage in significant numbers. Therefore, I think there are many things unfolding, but my own gut feeling is that Gaddafi is losing because it is just a matter of days. He is a desperate man and is not to be trusted. He is not liked by people in Tripoli or Benghazi.
Source : Press TV
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