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Publish Date : Saturday 20 January 2018 - 06:07
Trump proves himself to be the Apprentice president
Trump proves himself to be the Apprentice president
Islam Times - Critics of Donald Trump the Republican candidate are certainly vindicated as he has proven himself to be the Apprentice president, says Myles Hoenig, an American political analyst and activist.
Hoenig, a former Green Party candidate for Congress, made the remarks on Friday, January 19, a day before Trump is celebrating his one year at the White House. 

Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on January 20, 2017, following his stunning election victory against the Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, in the November 8 election. 

“It has been a year of the Trump and the only thing great again is Saturday Night Live.

Critics of Trump the candidate are certainly vindicated, and even some of his supporters are having buyers’ remorse. But we need to separate him into two entities: the individual and the politician,” Hoenig said.  

“The great deal maker has proven throughout his first year to be a dud. Except for the tax reform bill, which is standard Republican policy, virtually nothing he proposed made it through Congress. This Apprentice President doesn’t seem to know how to close a deal,” he said.  

“As we have seen, especially recently with the budget crisis we’re in now, he seems to go out of his way to stymie any possible deal. His ubiquitous and often nonsensical tweets often contradict his own positions or that of his advocates in Congress,” he stated. 

“His public attacking of his own handlers in the White House shows that he is highly unreliable as a decision-maker. Much of the world’s leaders no longer accept the US as a reliable ally or even a ‘leader of the free world’ anymore,” the analyst said.  

“In a way, this awakening by so many people may be one of the best things that has happened all year. Our policies have been harmful to world peace, whether it’s Republican or Democratic initiated, and the world is now seeing that the US can no longer be expected to set the stage for all,” he noted. 

‘US lost its luster, illusion of integrity’

“Finally, the world is recognizing that the US is a developing country whose prestige on the world scene has not just lost its luster, but the illusion of integrity as well, and personified by Donald Trump,” Hoenig said.  

“Policy wise we have seen a very Republican administration with Democratic Party acquiescence and impotence. For all the fear mongering Democratic Party leaders have promoted of a Trump administration, they have been either silent or complicit all year,” he stated.  

“It was President Obama who took Bush’s surveillance state to unprecedented levels and set the stage for Trump to continue. In fact, the majority of Democrats, including its leadership, had just voted to give Trump even more discretionary powers of surveillance and violations of our basic civil rights,” the activist said. 

“Trump the individual has also shown that he is as weak and subservient to any ‘Deep State’ as all presidents have been. Starting out showing, if not outright favoritism to the Russian Federation, at least an unwillingness to play into the Russia-hysteria that has gripped the nation,” he observed. 

‘US future under Trump is unknown’

“Lately he has been sounding the alarms but his missives refuting the charge of collusion with the Kremlin during the election is not resonating with those who create the narrative that is promoted by the entire main stream media,” Hoenig said.  

“His childish belligerence towards North Korea certainly plays to his own immaturity and character disorders but clearly those who set foreign policy are playing him like a fine fiddle. The US is always at war somewhere in the world and North Korea offers new opportunities to the military industrial complex,” he stated.  

“Why President Trump is falling for this is either due to his own pathologies or his inability to buck the war establishment,” he said.

“What holds for the US’s future under a Trump administration is unknown. Is this the year that his political future comes crashing to a halt with impeachment or attempts at removal or will he survive it and be stronger than ever before, and provide Saturday Night Live with a lifetime of episodes and skits?” he concluded. 
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