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Publish Date : Sunday 25 September 2011 - 07:48
Netanyahu's policy is leading the Zionist entity towards further degradation and isolation
Occupied Palestine (Islam Times) –The leader of the Zionist opposition Tzipi Livni has criticized Netanyahu’s government's policy, and the fact that it failed to take concrete steps to counter the Palestinians’ heading towards the United Nations and said "Standing at the crossroads is very unfortunate especially when this is without taking important decisions, which would bring Israel to further deterioration without any control over it."
Islam Times: On Friday, Islam Times correspondent in occupied Palestine reported that Livni said "As a Zionist citizen, I truly believe that the political stalemate will result in political isolation, and political isolation will affect the security of the occupying entity and its ability to defend itself, and failure to take steps and decisions will result in others taking steps which will certainly not be in our interest."

She continued: "I do not know when and how and what will the United Nations resolutions be regarding the Palestinian state, but what was clear and evident is that the Zionist entity has become isolated more than ever, whether regarding the relations with the United States or with moderate Muslims, and by that I mean Turkey and Egypt which have transformed themselves in one day and night to enemies."

She added: "We know we live in a complex area, but we knew how to survive and win. Our differences with the government are not regarding the justice of the path, but on the way and method of work, and unfortunately the confusion and lack of wisdom is what brought Israel to this stage."
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