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Publish Date : Saturday 8 October 2011 - 07:38
Saudi princess: We wrongfully intervened in Bahrain and international pressure will not affect the revolutions
Saudi princess: We wrongfully intervened in Bahrain and international pressure will not affect the revolutions
Saudi Arabia (Islam Times) – Princes Basma daughter of Saud bin Abdul Aziz warned of western intervention that is trying to target the region and its natural resources and its Islamic history and identity. She considered that international pressure will not affect the peoples’ revolutions.
«Princess Basma» claimed that the Saudi intervention in Bahrain and Yemen was for advice and good, but admitted: «We have to logically think of public policy and not the one currently being used; interference in Bahrain was not suitable and Riyadh realized that».

She added that the Saudi interventions in Yemen was due to the large Yemeni communities in Riyadh, and there are has been a lot of problems between Saudi Arabia and Yemen in the past years, hence it is natural that there is this type of intervention.

She pointed out that they better interfere with the aim of reform due to what knowledge the possess in the region, since they won’t let foreign troops to place their hands once more on their resources in a colonial manner as they did in the past century.

Princess Basma mentioned that the problem with the peoples’ protests is that they lack leaders who take the initiative from the beginning of the revolution, and we haven’t been able to train rulers to take power after the demise of the current rulers, and we should have raised new generations to take over governance every four years similar to what happens in democratic countries.

On the Saudi-Iranian relations, Ms. Basma stressed that the region should be an example for the rest of the world as a Muslim nation of various creeds, and we need to let go of small details that keep us apart and stand against the forces that want to destroy the Islamic Identity, she also stressed that Tehran was, still, and always will be a part of Arab and Islamic region.
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