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Publish Date : Monday 10 October 2011 - 05:13
British official: Al-Khalifa regime is in danger and their crimes are heinous
British official: Al-Khalifa regime is in danger and their crimes are heinous
Bahrain (Islam Times). The British newspaper, “The Guardian”, quoted an official in the Bahraini Ministry of Defense that the system in Bahrain is now in danger and that the gap between the regime and the people is widening.
Islam Times: The British Defense official, Liam Fox, warned the ruling family in Bahrain from deepening the crisis, noting that Al-Khalifa will make Bahrain become like “Berlin” of the Middle East.

He added "The scandals of the Bahraini regime are becoming severely heinous and the economy is negatively affected.”
Fox also said in a conference of the Ministry of Defense in Manchester, "The suppression of the ruling Sunni minority of the Shiite majority has become dangerous (like a Flash Point) in the upcoming Arab Spring.

The British official explained, "We have a lot of assets in the region, and so we are trying to pressure the king and his son repeatedly for the sake of real political and economical reformation in the country."

Fox said "Human rights should be reformed, the economy should be improved and the government should respect the larger number of Shiites in Bahrain."

"We talked with many people in the region to persuade Al-Khalifa family to start the reformation, but we also have other things.

Fox also added that Bahrain has arrested hundreds citizens during the current events and now convicted sixty people, mostly Shiites, in a small private court.
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