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Publish Date : Tuesday 18 October 2011 - 06:31
Ahmadinejad addresses the officials in the U.S.:
Assassination is not our culture, you are the ones that use it
Assassination is not our culture, you are the ones that use it
Tehran (Islam Times) – The head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Dr. “Ahmadinejad” pointed to the new anti-Iran U.S. Senator and addressed U.S. officials saying: The Iranian people who have an ancient culture do not need assassination; resorting to assassinations is one of your qualities.
Islam Times: Ahmadinejad, and in a speech he made on Sunday in front of the fifth session of the Iranian student council in Tehran, said: There are daily efforts to instigate the atmosphere against Iran, and at this stage they might accuse Iran of performing the assassination, we should make them understand that resorting to assassinations is the doing of those who are cultureless.

President Ahmadinejad confirmed that all the pressures exercised by the enemies against the Islamic Republic of Iran come in the context of preventing the Iranian people from developing and transforming into a cultural and intellectual force.
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