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Publish Date : Tuesday 25 October 2011 - 06:38
Reporter : Mobashar Hassan
Islam Times Exclusive:
Second camp site in the City of London for protestors against "Corporate Greed"
Second camp site in the City of London for protestors against "Corporate Greed"
Islam Times - Protestors have taken over Finsbury Square, London EC1 also known as the financial capital of England ...
Islam Times: This is the second camp site for Occupy London Stock Exchange as demonstrations are still continuing in their first site, which is outside St Paul's Cathedral in the City of London. 

The move came as up to 300 protesters from Occupy London Stock Exchange have refused to leave the front of St Paul's.
Occupy London Stock Exchange have agreed "to accommodate the cathedrals concerns" as they want to hold a peaceful protest against corporate greed and not be in the way or worshippers of the famous cathedral. 

A passerby told local media: "I think there are valuable comments being made and it seems to have been done in a peaceful way. They have a democratic right to protest." 

A spokesman for the cathedral said it would lose about £16,000 in visitor donations for every day it is closed. The everyday running of the cathedral costs around £20,000 per day to run and an average of 2,000 and 3,000 worshippers visit every Sunday. 

A police spokesman for City of London police said "dynamic policing is in place, we are communicating with protesters, the cathedral and local businesses to ensure sufficient policing response to facilitate peaceful protest."
Organisers of the protest have promised that Finsbury Square will not replace St Paul's, instead will act as an alternative for people wishing to vent their frustrations at the UK's economic situation.

Occupy London Stock Exchange is one of a number of protests that have been set up around the world after being inspired by a movement in New York that was designed to show opposition to the way wealth is currently distributed.

It is for the first time since World War II that St Paul's Cathedral has had to shut for tourists and worshippers.

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