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Publish Date : Wednesday 26 October 2011 - 06:27
Publishing the details of the first trial of ‘Zakaria Azmi’ on charges of money laundering
Publishing the details of the first trial of ‘Zakaria Azmi’ on charges of money laundering
Islam Times - Cairo (Islam Times) - The Cairo Criminal Court, headed by advisor Bashir Abdel Aal decided to include ‘Bahia Abdel Moneim Halawa’ the wife Zakaria Azmi, Chief of Staff of the former Presidency, as a defendant with him and her brother ‘ Jamil Halawi’ in the case of illegal gains. That is until a rule is issued for her to return the funds that she has achieved though her husband. It was decided to defer the case till November 27th in order to notify her of the decision.
Islam Times: The first session of the trial of Zakaria Azmi and his brother-in-law in the case of achieving unearned profits and making wealth that is not commensurate with his sources of income, began at one o'clock at noon. Azmi entered the cage for the first time since the outbreak of the revolution of January. Azmi tried to hide from the cameras as soon as he entered the cage and he hid in one corner of the cage and brought with him a white plastic chair to sit on. However, he failed to do that so he stood next to his brother-in-law, following the meeting and giving up to the flashes of photographers.

The court proved the presence of the accused where Azmi answered: "Present, Sir" and Jamal said: "Present"

Then the court heard the prosecution that followed the committal order, which said that Azmi, in the period since 1974 and until 2011 has exploited his power and his presence in the administrative post of the Presidency. That is in addition to being a member of parliament and leading the dissolved National Democratic Party to achieve wealth illegally, where he received him and his wife 'Bahia Abdel-Moneim Halawa' 42 million and 598 514 pounds, in violation of the law. He also attained an area of 1725 meters in New Cairo area in the land of 'Mashtal', as well as an apartment in the 21st property on the Street of Farid in Heliopolis, despite his knowledge of the issuance of the decision to remove the property and that is in order to stop the implementation of this resolution. He also attained an apartment in San Stefano in Alexandria with one million pounds, although its price is 5 million pounds. In addition, he attained a Villa in Marina and two plots of land in Hurghada. He also received gifts from editors and heads of departments of the Council of newspapers: The national newspaper, Al-Ahram, and the Republic. That is in return for their survival in their job positions which are estimated at millions of pounds.

The total amount that Zakaria Azmi is accused of, according to the investigations, is 40 million pounds.

The plaintiff of civil right asked to the wife of Zakaria Azmi in the case, as well as Ibrahim Suleiman, former Minister of Housing, and Abdel-Meneim Amara, former Governor of Ismailia.

The defense of the defendants asked for access to a copy of the documents in the case and the release of the first defendant Zakaria Azmi. That of the second defendant requested not to accept a civil action, so the court decided to include the wife Azmi as a defendant. That was after taking note of the investigations by the device of unearned profits. The decision is to be carried out until she is judged to return the money she has attained through authorities of her husband.

Azmi was accompanied by an officer in the public funds center who is a relative of his. After the session, he immediately entered the dock with him when the court read the decision. Azmi requested him and opened the door of the cage for him and the guard entered with him into custody under the court procedure.
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