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Publish Date : Wednesday 26 October 2011 - 08:13
America defers considering the weapon’s deal with Bahrain because of «human rights»
America defers considering the weapon’s deal with Bahrain because of «human rights»
Bahrain (Islam Times) - U.S. officials said that President Barack Obama’s government told Congress that it will delay the planned deal of $53 million sale of weapons to Bahrain (which is an important Gulf ally) until the results of the local investigation are issued (Fact-finding committee headed by Mahmoud Cherif Bassiouni) regarding the alleged violations of human rights as of February 2011.
Islam Times: The United States Department of State said in response to the members of the Congress on October 14th that it will delay the deal until it can review the results of the "Independent Fact-finding Committee" formed by Bahrain which is scheduled to submit its report to the King of Bahrain by October 30th, 2011.

The Department of State added that it expects the report to be issued soon so it will assess the government's efforts to implement the recommendations and the needed reformations.

David Adams, assistant of the U.S. Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs, said in a letter to Senator Ron Wyden and others who have expressed their reservations about the deal and its timing, "We will assess these factors and consult with the U.S. Congress before proceeding with additional steps" regarding the weapons deal presented to Congress on 14th of September. Wyden and Deputy James McGovern (both Democrats) represented draft laws to prevent the deal "until concrete actions are taken to improve human rights there.”

Senator Bob Casey (one of the lawmakers who raised such concerns with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) praised the decision to postpone the deal. He said in a statement to Reuters that if the weapon deal with Bahrain in the current circumstances takes place, "it would undermine the U.S. credibility at this critical time of the democratic transition in the Middle East."
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