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Publish Date : Sunday 30 October 2011 - 06:07
Jordanians burn Israeli flag and demand an end to the peace treaty
Jordanians burn Israeli flag and demand an end to the peace treaty
Amman (Islam Times) –Hundreds of citizens demonstrated yesterday evening near the Prime Minister’s house in Al-Dowwar Al-Rabi, and that in refusal of the Wadi Araba treaty on its 17th signing anniversary which falls on Wednesday.
Islam Times: The sit-in was called for by the Higher Executive Committee for the Protection of the Homeland and Confronting Normalization. Unionists, party members, and activists participated in the sit-in, of which the most prominent were Engineer Abdullah Obeidat, Hamza Mansour, and Engineer Maysara Malas.

Participants called on the government to announce the annulment of the Wadi Araba treaty, and to release the soldier Ahmad Al-Diqmasa and to officially stop dealing with Israel.

The committee denounced the policy of normalization with the “Zionist enemy” on both the official and public levels, rejecting all its forms, be it commercial, cultural, or educational.

The committee stressed its support for the Palestinian resistance which they described as: the forefront of the nation in facing the Zionist-American project.”

Trade union activist Maysara Malas told Ammon: “This treaty will only bring disgrace and shame to Jordan and all what it reflected on the Jordanian society was negative from a social and security perspective.” He stressed the necessity to release the hero Al-Diqmasa.

Secretary General of the Islamic Action Front party, Sheikh Hamza Mansour, told Ammon that the Jordanian people are still holding on to their right to annul the Wadi Araba treaty, and that the Jordanian people have proved that they are authentic through their resistance to the normalization process despite its official promotion.

Activists burned the Israeli flag after the sit-in ended and chanted “Death, death… death to Israel.”
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