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Publish Date : Sunday 30 October 2011 - 06:51
Egypt's potential presidential candidate calls for early elections‎
Islam Times - In a press conference prominent Islamic thinker and Potential presidential candidate Mohamed Salim El-Awa demanded the elections to be held no later than April of next year. This demand was raised in a resolution presented by 6 of the presidential hopefuls after a series of meetings they held to discuss the political situation.
Islam Times: The press conference was followed by a symposium entitled "Egypt: The road from oppression to freedom". Many of ElAwwa's political supporters came to back up his decision and express their frustration of how the political situation unfolded.
El Awa warned from a second revolution that would happen if people were not given the right channels for political activism.

Observers look with anticipation for the parliamentary elections happening next month, as the will of the people of Egypt will materialize into votes in the first elections since the ouster of Mubarak.

Although the supreme council of armed forces announced that the presidential election will take place by 2013, many of the political forces demand an earlier date and a different timetable. This as some forces are skeptical whether the SCAF is willing to hand over power or not.
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