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Publish Date : Wednesday 9 November 2011 - 10:01
Sheikh Nabha: the Arab countries did take action to stop the abuse of the defenseless people of Bahrain
Sheikh Nabha: the Arab countries did take action to stop the abuse of the defenseless people of Bahrain
Australia (Islam Times) - The director of the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah in Australia, His Eminence Sheikh Yusuf Nabha considered "Al-Aqsa Mosque is still a prisoner of the occupation and its settlement policy which is aimed at the expulsion of Jerusalemites from their land."
Islam Times: His Eminence pointed out in his Friday sermon at al-Rahman mosque in Kingsgrove, Sydney, attended by a crowd of religious men and women, "The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared few days ago that Jerusalem will not return as it were before the Six Day War in 1967, it will eternally be the capital of Israel, as far as saying,” pointing out that "this statement was said at a time when Israeli bulldozers were systematically attacking Palestinian lands in Jerusalem and the West Bank in order to seize and build settlements."

Sheikh Nabha also said: "Israel’s aggressiveness is defying an international decision which gave Palestine full membership in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). And Netanyahu considered that what Israel is doing in Jerusalem is their right, and not a punishment  to the Palestinians for gaining full membership in UNESCO; although the Israeli government froze the funds of the Palestinian Authority and immediately started building settlements after the decision. At the same time the United Nations, the European Union and Washington expressed their concern about the Israeli settlements that do not serve what they call the peace process."

His Eminence asked: "Why is there euphemism in the international expression when it comes to Israel? Isn’t what Israel is doing is opposing to international law, which the UN believes the need to comply with its terms? Isn’t America Israel’s partner in what is happening to the Palestinian people because it always stands beside Israel, and has decided to suspend financial assistance to UNESCO before the acceptance of Palestine’s membership?"

In another context, Sheikh Nabha saw that "Syria's acceptance of the Arab initiative to resolve the internal crisis shows good faith; however we have not seen Arab countries taking action in other locations such as Bahrain, whose people are tired and defenseless. The fact finding committee reported the abuse in Bahrain although this committee is known to have impurities and bias to the system."

Regarding Lebanon, "which have just recently celebrated its alphabets and its parliament have witnessed some discourses beyond literature alphabet," His Eminence explained that "people do not need to be distracted by voting for some cave, but is in need of what reduces his poverty, removes his debt burdens, unemployment problems and corrupted politics."
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