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Publish Date : Monday 14 November 2011 - 07:06
Larijani advices to reconsider cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Larijani advices to reconsider cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Tehran (Islam Times) –The President of the Islamic Shura Council, “Ali Larijani”, advised the Committee of National Security and Foreign Policy in the Islamic Shura Council to consider reviewing the cooperation between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
Islam Times: At the beginning of the open meeting at the Islamic Shura Council on Sunday, Ali Larijani said: All of the extension reports of the Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency regarding Iran’s nuclear program, and which raised a lot of noise during the last few weeks, did not present anything new, but rather they were claims that always existed in the reports of America and the Zionist entity and all these false information were answered, as Al-Baradei has repeatedly announced that we did not attain documented information.

Larijani pointed out to the mutual cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency, and that it was agreed between the two parties to study these topics. He wondered: Why did they suddenly change their course even in the cases that the previous reports pointed out that there was no deviation from the peaceful program, which led to the Director-General to declare that he found technical details through some member states which are considerable and relevant to a large extent?

The head of the Shura Council said: Is the Zionist entity a member of the (NPT), where you mentioned that you received members from the members? Isn’t this a scandal for you and for the international agency for the spokesman of the Zionist entity to frankly declare that what they presented to the agency came in the Director-General’s report?

larijani added:  The Islamic Shura Council warns the  International Atomic Energy Agency that this method is but considered hostile, and is just a reproduction of the orders of the Zionist entity and America. The council sees that it is necessary to re-examine how Iran cooperates with the IAEA because the agency and with its new method has proved that cooperation and non-cooperation does not affect its unfounded decisions.

He continued: So, it is essential for the National Security Committee in the Islamic Shura Council to start studying this subject in collaboration with other agencies and provide the conclusion and result.

The Head of the Council saw that inciting the atmosphere by America and the Zionist entity against Iran is but an episode within a series of other adventures, and especially Perez’s silly threats and which show the panic of the Zionist entity and its attempt to get out of isolation where it was met with rejection from the Zionist Foreign Minister and the rest of the Western states. However, the threat that the Grand Commander of the Islamic Revolution issued was in order, and made them wake up of their slumber, and it entailed that Iran’s response to any possible aggression will be strong enough to destroy them from within.

On the other Hand, Larijani advised the Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy to present the subject of re-examining the Iranian-British relations in the public session of the Council as soon as possible, and that after Ali Rida Slaimi’s statement in which he said: Given to the Zionist-British diabolical attempts through the recent events, we must take into consideration this subject.

The President of the Islamic Shura Council present during his speech congratulations and condolences due to the martyrdom of a number of members of the Revolutionary Guards in the camp explosion in Karaj, and especially the General Hasan Terhani Moqadam, and asked God to give them high levels of honor, pride as they have given the people and the Revolutionary Guards.
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