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Publish Date : Wednesday 16 November 2011 - 10:16
The Free Front for peaceful change takes executive steps to isolate the remnants
The Free Front for peaceful change takes executive steps to isolate the remnants
Cairo (Islam Times) – The free front of peaceful change issued on Saturday, a statement that called for urgent steps to mainstream the rule of "isolated remnants" on all the provinces.
The statement which was issued by the front on Saturday came as an implementation step of the rule issued by the Administrative Court to stop the inclusion of members of the "dissolved" National Party on the lists of candidates and isolate them from political life in Dakahlia.

The Front confirmed that this provision is historical, not the end of the road but it is a step on the road of cleaning the political arena from the members of the dissolved National party, and the creation of a "parliament without remnants". It is also a deprivation for all those who proof beyond doubt with a final decision from the Supreme Administrative Court to be spoilers of political life since over thirty years. The Front called to unite all political forces to ensure the implementation and dissemination of the rule of the administrative judiciary in Mansoura on all the provinces.

It also called for raising the slogan of "parliament with no remnants” in the demonstration of next Friday 18th of November, as a kind of pressure to support the ruling. It confirmed that there will be coordination between the political forces in the provinces to raise similar issues before the administrative court against the remnants of both candidates on the lists of some of the parties or in individually and full lists of their names will be published.

The Front proposed to send letters signed by all the political forces of the Higher Committee for the elections to demand the speedy implementation of governance before the elections, and to remove the papers of the dissolved party candidates in all constituencies.

In the same context, "Issam Al-Sharif," General Coordinator of the free front of peaceful change stressed on the need to be inspired by the Tunisian model in managing the transitional period. That is through the imitation of its experience to isolate the members of the former regime before the elections, which made the elections of the National Constituent Assembly to play the supervising role which impressed the whole world.
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