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Publish Date : Saturday 19 November 2011 - 09:48
President Saleh Appoints New Military Officers
President Saleh Appoints New Military Officers
Islam Times - President Saleh announced through his website that under strict presidential orders, the Defense Ministry had just appointed new military officers to its armed forces.
10 new Commanders were assigned to the province of Sa'ada in the north which is home to al-Houthis, a Shia tribe which has been fighting the government on and off since 2004.

Another Commander was sent to Hodeidah at the city's air force base as its latest officer had defected to the Opposition, joining the rank of the revolution.

Those new appointments come amidst rumors that Ali Abdullah Saleh is moving more military equipment towards the capital, Sana'a as well as intensifying its recruitment campaign, ahead of a possible armed conflict with those opposing his rule.

In his latest interview with France 24, Saleh did not hide that civil war was a possibility. The question is now, will he instigate a conflict?
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