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Publish Date : Sunday 20 November 2011 - 11:01
Reporter : Mobashar Hassan
Islam Times Exclusive:
Fascist Norwegian killer Breivik targeted politicians
Fascist Norwegian killer Breivik targeted politicians
Islam Times - Anders Behring Breivik, The terrorist who killed 84 people in Norway told police he originally planned to capture and execute former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoerer and Eskil Pedersen, head of the Labour Party’s youth wing who he sees as the traitors of Norway...
Islam Times: The new revelations come after a top Norway paper recently revealed the interrogations of Breivik and the police. But only Pedersen was present when the 32-year-old Norwegian arrived July 22 at the Labour Party youth camp after setting off a bomb that killed eight people in Oslo. Pedersen survived Breivik’s attack but 69 other people were killed at the Utoya Island camp.

the paper reports that Breivik’s initial plan was to take one of the leading Labour Party officials hostage at Utoya and read a death sentence before carrying out an execution. He had prepared a speech for that, which he later recited to investigators, it said. Gahr Stoere had visited Utoya the day before, while Ms. Brundtland had left the island just hours before Breivik arrived.

The racist Breivik, who surrendered to a SWAT team on Utoya, has confessed to the attacks, but pleaded not guilty to terror charges, claiming he was in a state of war and therefore not criminally liable. At his first public court hearing on Monday, he declared himself a military commander of a Norwegian resistance movement before the judge cut him off.

In a 1,500-page document posted online before the attacks, Breivik laid out a blueprint for a nationalist revolution to overthrow governments he claims have let their countries down by allowing Muslim immigrants to settle in Europe.

Breivik told investigators he expected police to arrive some 15 minutes after he started shooting. It took about 80 minutes before a SWAT team arrived, according to a police timeline. VG said Breivik needed several attempts to get through on the phone to police. He stated his name and said he was a resistance fighter in an anti-communist movement before he got disconnected.

Trying to show his bravery, Breivik said how he decided it would be cowardly to kill himself and turned himself over to the SWAT team.
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