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Publish Date : Sunday 20 November 2011 - 09:43
Strong clashes between demonstrators and security personnel in the ‘Tahrir’ square
Strong clashes between demonstrators and security personnel in the ‘Tahrir’ square
CAIRO (Islam Times) - Strong clashes between demonstrators and security personnel occurred in the ‘Tahrir’ square. The clashes resulted in the injury of tens of protesters and 7 of the security personnel.
It all started with the arrival of the security officials to the ‘Tahrir’ Square to break up the sit-in where they negotiated with the protesters. However, the protesters refused which forced the security officials to deal with them violently and after that, the security forces removed the tents. This resulted in a few injuries and the demonstrators were dispersed. The demonstrators gathered in Mohamed Mahmoud Street, next to the American University and chanted against the Ministry of Interior and the military council.

One of the wounded attended and they carried him on their shoulders and closed Qasr Al-Aini Street. They then turned to the field and organized a march in the field in an attempt to break into the garden of the field. When the political forces appeared around the field, the central security forces were pulled from the garden to the Mohamed Mahmoud Street and during their withdrawal; demonstrators threw stones on them so struggles broke out between the two. For that, the Central Security Forces attacked them on the side streets.

However, the protesters gathered again next to the Arab League and the Central security forces used armored vehicles and settled on the Kasr El Nil Street. The demonstrators organized another protest and waved shoes in the face of the Central Security. Upon their arrival to the garden of the field in direction of Omar Makram street, the security officers pursued them from Omar Makram Street, and when they tried to gather once again, the Security Central withdrew in the direction of Talaat Harb square and the demonstrators threw stones during the withdrawal.
Immediately after the withdrawal of the troops stationed on Mohamed Mahmoud Street which are around 8 cars for the central security, the demonstrators threw stones at cars during the withdrawal. This resulted in the smashed of the cars’ windows, and one of the cars failed to withdraw, which led the demonstrators gathering around it. For that, it withdrew backwards in the direction of the Ministry of Interior, and hundreds of demonstrators chased it and got iron handcuffs, which are used to control prisoners. One soldier was wounded in the head so the people of the region took him inside a shop and locked the door on him to stop hundreds of demonstrators from catch him.

Immediately after the departure of the demonstrators, the people carried the soldier in a taxi and took him to the hospital. Hundreds returned to ‘Tahrir’ Square and they immediately closed Mohamed Mahmoud Street with iron barriers. Hundreds of demonstrators were surprised to see a car of the Central security coming from Kasr Al Aini Street driven by one of the protesters. He stopped with the car before Mohamed Mahmoud Street and the hundreds of demonstrators attacked it, wanting to destroy it. Dozens of citizens gathered and chanted the national anthem and prevented the demonstrators from destroying it.

The situation in the field calmed down, but the demonstrators were surprised by the arrival of hundreds of members of the Security Central to Mohamed Mahmoud and Qasr Al-Aini Street. Hundreds of demonstrators faced the central security forces to prevent them from reaching back to Tahrir Square, and the members of the Security Central responded by tear gas bombs. The protesters smashed the pavements and the clashes continued for 15 minutes, after which the troops stationed in Qasr Al-Aini withdrew to the Council of Ministers, and left the troops stationed in Mohamed Mahmoud Street. After the number of demonstrators increased, the central security forces supported themselves by using armored vehicles to disperse the demonstrators.

The central area of the country is currently witnessing a state of attack and retreat in Mohamed Mahmoud Street between demonstrators and the Central security forces. Many of the security Officials attended, headed by Mohsen Murad, director of Cairo security. Fire was also set in a car of the central security, which demonstrators took control of.
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