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Publish Date : Thursday 8 December 2011 - 20:02
ABC News America: the situation and life in Dara’a are normal
ABC News America: the situation and life in Dara’a are normal
Damascus (Islam Times) – The journalist Alexander Marquardt, a member of ABC’s news team visiting Dara’a now, said that he will cover the situation in the province with objectivity and independence, regardless of American policy and what is being broadcasted by media channels about the events in Syria, noting that the team will coordinate with the concerned parties to complete this mission.
Marquardt took an informative tour around the city, including: the Justice Palace, Omari Mosque, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Sayasina’s house, Ismail Abu Nabout School, and some markets. Marquardt pointed out that the situation in the city is normal and life is ordinary, hoping to visit the countryside of Dara’a and places that witnessed the events during the last period.

During a meeting with members of ABC’s media team, the governor of Dara’a, Mohamed Khaled al-Hinos portrayed the reality of events in the province since March 18, pointing to the practices of armed terrorist groups such as killing citizens, sabotaging public and private enterprises, and burning building units for police stations, all of which necessitated the intervention the military to restore security and stability of the province.
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