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Publish Date : Friday 25 September 2009 - 05:48
Muslim student killed in 'racist' attack
A teenage Muslim student of Qatari origin was brutally killed after an apparent senseless attack by a group of youths outside a London kebab shop.
The teenager, 16 years of age, named as Mohammed al-Majed, suffered serious injuries to his brain after he was punched in the face by his attacker, named as, George Austin. The blow was so severe that it knocked Mohammed off the ground ending with him hitting the back of his head on the road.

The incident took place just days before the victim was planning to return to his native, Qatar, after studying English in the UK. At the time, he was chatting with his fellow foreign students outside a kebab shop when a menacing group of young men and women allegedly began taunting them.

In a court hearing that took place earlier this week, the prosecutor Camden Pratt QC was quoted as saying that there was a stark contrast between the two groups because the foreign students were sober while their attackers, mainly of English origin, had been drinking heavily.

Mr Pratt told the court, how another person from the attacking group had also taken a drunken swing at Mohammed's 17-year-old black friend, Peter Henworth. The attempted punch apparently missed Peter, who fled. Mr Pratt further described that the group "picked on him (Peter) because he was black - because of their presumption of his race and by reason of their prejudice."

They then ran after Peter but simply could not catch him.

Mohammed, who regained consciousness after the incident was taken to hospital by ambulance, where a scan revealed that he had a brain haemorrhage and a fractured skull. Two dies later, unfortunately, he went into cardiac arrest and lost his life.

Mohammed's attacker who does not deny punching him is claiming self defence, meanwhile, the victim's family members have flown in from Qatar for the trial which is still in progress.
Source : AIM Islam
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