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Publish Date : Friday 25 September 2009 - 06:18
Zionists in Gaza; Saudis in Saada
International organizations are warning of severe human suffering in Saada due to the crimes committed by both the Saudi Arabian and Yemeni governments.
Political observers in the region state that the crimes committed against Saada by the Saudi Arabian government parallels those committed in Gaza by the Zionist government during the 22 Day War. International communities are worried over the financial and military aid that the Saud family gave to Ali Abdullah Saleh's government in Yemen.

These observers believe that international organizations help the situation. The genocide being committed against the Shia of Saada must be reviewed. Those who are responsible must be tried in international courts. Oxfam announced that Yemen will witness human tragedy due to the increase of fighting between the government and the Al-Houthi Movement.

Oxfam requested both sides to put their arms down and solve the issue diplomatically. Hundreds have died and thousands have been injured in the fighting between the Yemeni government and the Shia Al-Houthi Movement. The fighting takes place in the Saada province which is a Shia area of Yemen.
Source : Islam Times
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