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Publish Date : Tuesday 13 December 2011 - 06:48
Turkey handling the acts of terrorism against Syria
Turkey handling the acts of terrorism against Syria
Syria (Islam Times) - The Russian newspaper Zaftra revealed that Turkey is directly in charge of coordinating acts of sabotage and terrorism against Syria and is responsible for implementing operational procedures and special operations in the Syrian territory.
The newspaper mentioned that the statements of the Turkish Prime Minister and the Prime Ministers of Germany, France, and the United States against Syria point out that they have decided to utilize the Libyan scenario. It was also mentioned that the decision to target Syria has been taken at least since 2003 when they proposed that Syria partially disarms in return for loyalty and friendship from the West. Back then Bashar Al-Assad refused which led to the passing of a congressional bill to impose sanctions on Damascus as deemed fit which included confiscating Syrian money and restricting Syrian flights.

It was stated that Turkey played the major role in systematically preparing the operational plans to topple the Syrian regime since the rebels were armed and trained in Turkey as well as given intelligence on the Syrian security forces and Syrian military.

The paper also warned that Turkey’s psychological intelligence department targeted Syria by using the media to influence the consciousness and behavior of governments, institutions, and individuals in foreign countries. They also twist the facts and fake videos regarding the rebels the army dissidents. This department works closely with its American and French counterpart.

The newspaper concluded the article by stating that the Turkish intelligence are using espionage equipment made in Israel and the United States as well as intelligence gathered from Turkish Satellites that can eavesdrop and capture Syrian communications and in addition to accurate espionage intelligence from the United States for being part of NATO.
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