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Publish Date : Saturday 17 December 2011 - 09:48
Islam Times Exclusive:
Sharia operates within the legal system, new research shows
Sharia operates within the legal system, new research shows
Islam Times - The New South Wales (NSW) Muslim community believes Islamic law is already accommodated in Australian society without legislative change and is not seeking to establish it as a separate legal system, according to the University of Sydney's Dr Ghena Krayem ...
Islam Times: In the first empirical research project to be completed in Australia on sharia, or Islamic law, Dr Krayem found that the NSW Muslim community wants Islamic principles integrated within the existing Australian legal system, not to create a rival legal system or special legislation to allow its recognition.

NSW Muslims believe Australian society accommodates Islamic law, and are not seeking to create a separate Islamic legal system according to research from the University of Sydney.

Dr Ghena Krayem conducted interviews with members of Muslim communities in Sydney. Dr Krayem focused on family law, an area where observant Muslims abide by both Australian and sharia law when it comes to marriage and divorce.

The study suggests observant Muslims do not seek to create a separate legal system to rival Australian law, and existing legislative instruments, such as prenuptial agreements, allow for sharia to be practised within the Australian legal system.
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