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Publish Date : Monday 26 December 2011 - 06:24
Official spokesman of Muslim Brotherhood:
“Foreign financing claims are lies and slander”
“Foreign financing claims are lies and slander”
Cairo (Islam Times) – Dr. Mahmoud Ghazlan, member of the Guidance office of the Muslim Brotherhood and its official spokesman, denied any foreign financing for the brotherhood or its political wing “The Freedom and Justice Party” and said that such claims are lies and slander. He also stated that they will not nominate anyone for the presidential elections and it is a final decision.
Regarding the clashes that are taking place on the streets every now and then, Al-Aini said that it is incitement for chaos and that it is unknown who is behind it. However he added that those who know those responsible are the Military Council but they are hiding the truth and that an Army commander said that there are some countries that are financing the thugs to induce chaos and violence in the country but these countries are also giving Egypt aid which is why the Military Council does not want to disclose the details.

He stressed that the brotherhood does not want to clash with the Military Council and that they support the presence of the Military Council until power is transferred at its agreed upon timeline. He added that they do not oppose holding the presidential elections at an earlier date.

 Regarding the escalatory statements issued from some against the Islamic political forces under the claim of being against personal freedoms, Dr. Ghizlan said that personal freedoms are part of the Islamic law. He added that freedom of creed, work, movement and travel, belonging and association are all part of the Islamic law and since we aim at implementing Islamic Law then personal freedoms are guaranteed.

Regarding priorities, Ghizlan said: There is no doubt that freedoms, the economy, and social justice then security are the basis of reforming any society, however in the absence of security no one will sense stability.
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