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Publish Date : Saturday 31 December 2011 - 09:40
Syrians rally to support Asad amid Arab League's visit
Syrians rally to support Asad amid Arab League
Islam Times - Arab League observers continue their work across Syria. They have visited the cities of Homs, Dara'a, Hama, Idlib and the capital Damascus. They also toured Duma and Harasta in Damascus countryside and met the people, talking about the situation over the past several months. The AL observers started a one-month visit to Syria to investigate the situation on the ground.
Meanwhile, large numbers of Syrians have rallied in various Syrian cities to express support for the reform program of president Bashar al-Assad. In Damascus, they gathered in Saba' Bahrat square. They said one of the aims of their gathering is to show the AL observers the popular support in Syria for the president.

The Syrian people expressed hope that the AL observers would be neutral and honest in their work. They also expressed rejection of foreign intervention in their internal affairs and said the solution for their crisis should be a Syrian one.

They raised the Syrian flag and posters of president Bashar al-Assad asserting their unity in the face of pressures on their country.

Meanwhile, there were clashes between Syrian forces and activists after Friday prayers protests in Damascus.

In an interview after a visit to Homs, Mustafa al-Dabi, who leads the Arab mission, said “some places looked a bit of a mess but there was nothing frightening”.

It's another week that witnesses Syrian masses rallying in support of President Assad's reform program. Syrians say they consider their gathering important this time as AL observers are in Damascus and can see the large numbers of President Assad's supporters.
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