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Publish Date : Wednesday 4 January 2012 - 06:31
The Bahraini government continues with suppression while staging its support for freedom of expression
The Bahraini  government continues with suppression while staging its support for freedom of expression
Islam Times - Bahrain (Islam Times) – Matar Ibrahim Matar, former MP and member of the National Accord Association (Al-Wifaq) bloc), said that the government pretends to support freedom of expression while it continues to punish the violators.
Matar said that the Bahraini authorities are still accusing people with the same charges that were described in the report and human rights organizations as contradictory to freedom of expression and opinion.

The Bahraini News Agency stated that the head of the committee responsible for implementing the recommendations of the fact-finding committee’s report is still continuing his job, and that in response to what the daily oppostiion newspaper said that he quit his position.

The martial courts had issued at least 5 death sentences and sentenced some opposition leaders to prison for life for organizing protests and demonstrations after last year’s disruptions.

Washington, which Bahrain hosts its fifth naval fleet, said that the 53 million dollar arms deal to the Kingdom of Bahrain depends on Manama’s response to the recommendations of the fact-finding committee that found out that the detainees were subjected to methodical violations and tortures until in some cases they died.

It was mentioned that the committee will include civil court judges to review the irrevocable military court sentences. It was added that the sentences that will be reviewed are the ones whose charges relate to the freedom of expression and do not amount to incitement of violence. These sentences were criticized by the fact-finding committee and described as punishment for freedom of expression.
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