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Publish Date : Tuesday 10 January 2012 - 09:40
New wave of protests hit Libya
New wave of protests hit Libya
Islam Times - Eleven months on from the start of Libya's revolution and the cycle might just be about to start all over again. It could be different. This time, demonstrators will be wielding pens as weapons, not guns. That is the hope for an ever growing number across the country.
With Gaddafi gone, Libya's de facto rulers the National Transitional Council are facing an ever growing chorus of criticism. Its leaders have been accused, among other things, of not being transparent and allowing former regime officials back into new system of temporary politics and government.

Numbers swell in Algeria square at weekends as they have done elsewhere. Local newspapers reported that as many as 25 thousand protestors took to the streets in Libya's second largest city Benghazi last Friday.

The message for openness, Justice and fairness in Government is one that is being carried on the airwaves across Libya. Tripoli 103.4Fm broadcasts nationally. Its talk based radio and listeners can now freely exchange their views with the presenters.

The Drive time slot for todays discussion - Libya's new draft electoral laws. Some say it is good, others believe it does not go far enough. But in the country's new media landscape, everyone goes away having learnt a little bit more about what should be expected, rightly or wrongly, in the new Libya.

But with more protests expected to take place later in the week, a frank exchange of all views must be allowed to take place in all areas of society. Historically, Radio has been central to this and despite the advent of mass media, will allow continued debate in Libya's unfurling revolution.

Frustration is growing at the slow progress being made by the Interim National Transitional council. The new wave of demonstrations taking place in many cites highlight just how fragile their support has now become. The next month could be decisive in shaping Libya's ongoing revolution.
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