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Publish Date : Thursday 19 January 2012 - 08:35
Occupy movement regroups, focuses on cyberspace
Occupy movement regroups, focuses on cyberspace
Islam Times - At Occupy Freedom Plaza it was a calmer scene than the beginning of this week's events.
Tony F. drove almost 12 hours away from Athens, Georgia to be a part of the Occupy movement this week at the Capital. Thousands of people converged on Congress to protest corporate influence in politics.

At least 4 people were arrested for crossing police lines and one person for assaulting an officer. Investigators are also looking into a smoke bomb that was tossed over the White House gate no one was injured.

Occupy Congress has been the largest protest group to date challenging politicians on policies that they argue don't represent the majority of the country's interests.

Occupy members are also turning their attention to the capital when it comes to the internet. Several bills being tossed around in congress designed to crack down on piracy occupiers say threaten free speech and first amendment rights. Two bills the stop online piracy and protect ip are being examined by lawmakers to protect intellectual property and the limits of censorship.

Several websites including Google, Reddit and Wordpress blocked content and asked people to contact their congress members to stop the passage of the bills. Wikipedia which receives tens of millions of hits each month also participated in the online black out.

In upcoming days Occupy members plan more protests when the bills head for markups in the Senate.
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