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Publish Date : Sunday 19 February 2012 - 05:43
Fifty tons of Israeli weapons waiting to be transferred to Syria
Fifty tons of Israeli weapons waiting to be transferred to Syria
Islam Times - Many Lebanese politicians loyal to the West have been close to Jordanian decision makers in Jordan ever since the Lebanese civil war. Through Jordan and Syria many shipments of Israeli weapons were transferred to the Lebanese right parties in the seventies and that under the consent of the Jordanian and Syrian authorities. They were used against the PLO (Palestinian Liberation organization) and the Lebanese left.
Ever since the outbreak of the Syrian intifada, and after its transformation from a “struggle for Syria” into a “struggle against it”, the Jordanian regime avoided becoming a base for the Syrian opposition, unlike Turkey. However, Washington, Ankara, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia have placed unbelievable pressures and temptations to reverse that view. The latest statistics show that more than 60% of the Jordanians now believe that it is no longer an issue of democracy but rather a conflict to win over Syria and gain it politically. The Jordanians still support the Syrian people, however not any price as it has been before.

What happened behind the scenes of the Jordanian government makes this clear. That is when Marouf Bakhit’s government resigned, or was rather deposed in October, after it refused to follow three major depictions by Qatar, Washington, and Saudi Arabia.

Bakhit was reported saying that Washington and Qatar forced him to resign after he refused to nationalize the Palestinian refugees permanently and insisted on the principal of the right of return. He also strongly opposed Jordan’s accession to the GCC because he knew the aim was to enable the Peninsula Shield Forces to become stationed at the Syrian-Jordanian border in preparation for military intervention under an Arabian-Gulf banner.

Al-Bakhit stressed that he will not allow Jordan to turn into a base for armed Syrians, but the Jordanian national and democratic forces believe that radical and immediate reform in Syria is the only way to stop foreign intervention.
Sources confirmed that the Jordanian intelligence, which is pierced to the core by America and Israel, has unofficially turned the 30 km long 10 km deep Syrian-Jordanian border from Al-Mafraq to Al-Ramtha to a military zone which is off limits to anyone.

The sources confirm that the purpose is to establish three large camps to house about 20 thousand Libyan fundamentalist fighters under the command of Abdul Hakim Belhaj. They were transferred to Jordan under the pretext of being wounded or injured. It was added that only a few of the Libyans overcrowding the hospitals show signs of being injured or ill. Their deployment to Syria does not seem close, but are awaiting their command from Washington, Qatar, and Jordan.

The sources added that the Turkish intelligence, stationed in Al-Rabiya in Jordan, are working on recruiting more Libyans to fight in Syria with the Free Syrian Army.

Informed Jordanian sources indicate that last month more than 50 tons of Israeli weaponry were transferred to Erbil in Kurdistan. Their value is in excess of 650 million dollars paid by the Qatari government to the Israeli Military Industries company “Rafael”.

These weapons include rocket launches, anti-armor mines, snipers, armors, communication equipment and large amounts of ammo.

It was mentioned that the Lebanese MP Walid Jumblat’s visit to Qatar, Kurdistan Iraq, and Turkey was regarding this shipment, as well as Samir Geagea’s visits in the region. The reason is that it has become harder to transfer these weapons through the Lebanese borders since the Lebanese Army and Hezbollah have increased watch and presence along the Syrian-Lebanese borders, and especially after several passage ways have been discovered. The Lebanese politicians loyal to the West are trying to convince Turkey to help with the transfer through its territory after Jordan refused to interfere in such a matter at the moment. It was added that they might try to transfer the weapons through the Jounieh port in Lebanon even after its security has been compromised and that as a last resort. The Jounieh port region is under the control of Geagea’s party and political bloc.
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