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Libya celebrates first anniversary of revolution

19 Feb 2012 - 6:33

Islam Times - Tens of thousands of families, revolutionaries basked in victory once more and people expressed their new found freedoms with a delicate touch.

Thousands of Lanterns were released into the night sky, man made stars twinkling down over a country only now realizing its potential. Revelers strolled through Martyrs square... enjoyment gripped the throngs, fear forgotten.

Security was tight, guns were ever present and revolutionaries mingled with party goers. It was a chance for many to continue reconciling with one another and learn a little more about the country’s unique dynamics.

After Initial concerns about security, the measures taken by authorities, which have seen hundreds of guys like this take to the streets, has allowed the party to continue long into the night.

And safety would not have been possible without a large effort behind the scenes.

And as the lanterns floated off into the evening sky, many were hoping for good things over the coming twelve months.

There will be challenging times ahead for Libya as it hurtles towards elections, but the ruling Transitional council should take hope from the euphoria on display in the nations capital that they can cross the finishing line.