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Publish Date : Sunday 19 February 2012 - 06:46
Turkish activists protest US-Israel missile test
Turkish activists protest US-Israel missile test
Islam Times - Turkish activists have held a protest in front of the parliament to condemn a reported missile test by the US and Israel. The test has recently been carried out using intelligence from a US-made radar in Turkey.
The radar system has been deployed in Turkey’s eastern province of Malatya as part of a NATO missile system.

Activists warned that the radar’s intelligence could be used for what they called “imperialist wars” in the region, including a possible military action against neighboring Iran.

Considering the ongoing crisis in ties between Turkey and Israel, worries about any possible leakage of the radar’s intelligence to Israel have been at the heart of the controversy about system.

The protest came only one day after NATO’s secretary general and Turkey’s foreign minister had declared in a joint news conference that the intelligence obtained by the radar base have not been transferred to any third party.

Turkey’s foreign minister has stressed that the radar’s intelligence will not be shared with Israel.

The activists, however, believe that such remarks are only aimed at hiding the reality behind the radar system.

The strains between Israel and Turkey are believed to be a key factor behind the sensitivity of Turkish activists to any reported leakage of the radar’s intelligence to Israel.

Relations between Turkey and Israeli hit rock bottom after Israeli forces killed nine Turkish pro-Palestinian activists on board a Gaza-bound humanitarian flotilla in 2010.
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