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Publish Date : Sunday 26 February 2012 - 07:59
Friends of Israel Conference in Tunisia
Friends of Israel Conference in Tunisia
Islam Times - Friends of Israel flocked to Tunisia to hold a meeting called for by Hamad bin Jasem on behalf of the Zionist Frenchman Bernard Levy who publically announced that he was behind NATO’s invitation to strike Libya through the Arab League and its Secretary General Arm Moussa, and now he is organizing the Tunis conference waiting for Nabil Al-Arabi’s invitation to strike Syria.
Those who are participating in the Tunisia Conference are not friends of Syria but of Israel which is leading a terrorist war along with America against Syria.

This conference includes Tel Aviv’s allies who are American, French, British, and militias and gangs that are review ways to defeat the Syrian people through inciting sectarian strife after the series of failures to do so. It is a blatant message from the Gulf States who are funding this war with billions of dollars.

The conference is being led by Al-Ghanosi, who is a close friend to the Zionist lobby in Paris, and is a front for this allegiance against the Syria under the false pretext of Islam while Jerusalem is being Judaized and Al-Aqsa is threated with collapse.

What black future awaits “the friends of Israel” who chose Tunis to announce the birth of the alliance of evil, humiliation, and betrayal?
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